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Health Benefits Of Applying Vibhuti

Many Indians have the habit of applying ash on the forehead. That ash is known as 'vibhuti' or 'bhasma'. Some apply it only on forehead, whereas some apply it even to the chest and arms.

Actually, what is vibhuti? Well, vibhuti or bhasma is the ash or the remnant of auspicious fires (Dhuni). Generally, certain types of grains, some herbs, ghee and wood are offered to the auspicious fire and the ash is the product of all of those ingredients which have so many health benefits.

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And yes, applying the ash on the forehead has some health benefits too. Let us discuss about them.


Benefit #1

There are so many types of headaches. But applying vibhuti or bhasma on the forehead is said to relieve the headache that is a result of excessive sun exposure.

In many alternative therapies, the point which lies between the two eyebrows has a peculiar role. Massaging and gently applying pressure in that area can provide relief from some types of headaches.


Benefit #2

Ash or 'bhasma' has an important role in ayurveda. It is actually used as an ingredient in certain ayurvedic medicines. Applying it on the forehead is said to prevent cold.

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Benefit #3

Stimulating the area between the eye brows can actually have another effect too. It can clear the sinuses. It can also prevent nose-block too. When you apply vibhuti regularly on the forehead, the area gets stimulated.


Benefit #4

When you apply vibhuti to the forehead, it acts like a gentle massage and this can prevent fine lines and formation of wrinkles.


Benefit #5

Applying ash to the forehead is also said to keep you positive. It is said to block the negative thoughts from entering your head by acting like a gate.


Benefit #6

When you gently apply pressure in the area between the brows, your mind feels relaxed and calm. This calming effect can reduce your stress levels. It can also prevent insomnia and help you sleep better.

Story first published: Monday, June 12, 2017, 18:26 [IST]
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