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Scary & Bad Things That Can Happen To Your Vagina As You Age

By Sravia Sivaram

Some of the most obvious changes that can arise in you as you age are wrinkles, decreased metabolism, memory loss and so on.

But did you know that your vagina too has to deal with old age? There are many kinds of changes that can occur down there, starting in your 40s.

Some of the annoying and common age-related differences that can occur there are an increase in dryness and yeast infections. Meanwhile, some other kinds of differences can be very serious.

It is important that you come to know of these changes if you're one of those enroute to hitting your 40s!

In this article, we have listed how your vagina changes as you age. Read further to know what happens to your vagina as you age.


1. Your Uterus Can Fall Into Your Vagina:

One of the age-related conditions that can occur down there is prolapse or the dropping of the uterus, bladder or rectum into the vagina. For women with mild prolapse, kegel exercises can be very helpful.


2. Your Vagina Starts To Look Older:

When you're young, oestrogen helps to keep the skin look plump and more elastic. As you age, the hormones decrease and you'll lose the elasticity in the vagina. This is also known as vulvo-vaginal atrophy. This is how your vagina changes as you age.


3. Your Uterus And The Entrance To The Vagina Can Shrink:

In response to the dropping oestrogen levels, the uterus can also change in size. As the women grow older, the uterus tends to get smaller. The vaginal entrance can also narrow with age. This is how your vagina changes as you age.


4. You May Not Be Able To Control Your Bladder:

As you grow older, musculature and ligaments supporting the pelvic floor start to relax. In some cases, the urethra can actually move in relation to the bladder and can cause leaking. You might also pee a little while coughing or sneezing.


5. You May Experience UTI:

UTIs may become more frequent when you're older due to the delicate genital tissue. Further, untreated or unrecognized UTI can progress to a kidney infection. Hence, this is what happens to your vagina as you age.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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