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Beware Of These Foods & Food Habits; These Affect Your Gums & Teeth

There are certain foods that help in strengthening the teeth and the gums. Yet, there are a few foods and food habits that affect your teeth and gums. You don't realize when you eat these foods. It is only when the problem arises, you get to know about the consequences.

So today in this article we will be discussing a few foods and food habits that are bad for your teeth and the gums. In order to prevent your teeth and the gums from getting damaged, these foods should be avoided.

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Our teeth are very sensitive. They are made up of numerous minerals - calcium, phosphorus and sodium are just to name a few of them. When any of these minerals get affected and degenerate, you start having problems with your teeth as well as the gums. Sometimes the pain gets so bad that you just want to get rid of it right away.

Like any other part of the body, taking care of your teeth is equally important. So here is a list of foods and food habits that affect your teeth and gums. Have a look.


Sugary Foods:

Eating a lot of sugary foods can lead to tooth decay. If left unattended it can cause serious tooth problems and this can also affect the gums. Limiting the intake of sugar is important to prevent tooth erosion.


Sucking Lemons:

After squeezing the lemon do you have the habit of sucking the leftover lemon? This should be avoided as this will cause teeth sensitivity, damage the teeth enamel as well as the gums. Lemon should be consumed only after diluting it in water.


Cold Foods:

Cold foods like an ice cream or frozen puddings can cause teeth sensitivity. This damages the natural tooth enamel. Hence, it is best to avoid extremely cold food in order to prevent tooth decay.


Hot Foods:

Having extremely hot foods and beverages not just affects the taste buds but also causes damage to the gums. If you want to have strong teeth and gums then you need to avoid foods that are very hot. It is advisable to eat warm food.


Aerated Drinks:

The teeth are built up of minerals. Aerated drinks are the worst as these destroy the minerals and cause dental erosion and tooth decay. Not just that, these also cause stains around the teeth.


Sticky Foods:

Sticky foods like some candies or even figs and raisins get stuck to your teeth and stay on for a longer period of time. After eating, one needs to make sure to rinse the mouth as soon as possible, as if left on for a long period of time it causes tooth infection and affects the gums as well.


Hard Candies:

A few people have the habit of carrying hard sugar candies and popping in whenever their mouth gets dry. But these candies can lead to dental erosion affecting not just your teeth but gums as well.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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