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Bad Food Combinations That You Need To Get Rid Of As Per Ayurveda

By Sravia Sivaram

As per Ayurveda, certain food combinations, no matter how healthy they are, might not be safe.

It all depends on the quantity of each food, the time of taking the food, processing of the food and several other factors.

There are several principles involved as per Ayurveda, when it comes to combining foods. The three main principles involved are:

  • Opposing Duel Qualities: If two qualities are mainly exhibited in two items, then their combination can lead to a bad quality match. This food combo is known to be incompatible. For example, garlic with milk.
  • Similar Qualities: If two foods have very similar qualities, to an extent that it can increase a particular dosha, then they are incompatible. For example, fish with radish.
  • Opposing Multiple Qualities: If two foods are known to have multiple opposing qualities, then this food combo is also said to be incompatible. For example, honey and ghee in equal quantities.

Some of the other principles involved are processing and time of the intake. Processing leads to the destruction of the food quality. For example, heating of honey and curd is not recommended.

In this article, we have mentioned about some of the top Ayurvedic food combinations that are incompatible. So, continue reading in order to know about the foods that are not to be combined together.

Ayurveda: Wrong Food Combinations:


1. Spinach With Sesame Seeds:

Indian spinach when processed or cooked along with sesame seed paste can cause diarrhoea. This is due to the similar qualities that these foods possess and this can give rise to dosha in the body.


2. Long Pepper (Pippali) With Fish Fat:

Long pepper when mixed with fish fat or with kakamachi (herb) or when mixed with honey can result in the death of a person. Further, long pepper must also not be present with the oil in which the fish is fried in.


3. Holy Basil With Milk:

In case you take holy basil capsule or tablet for any kind of a respiratory or viral infection, then you need to avoid having milk soon after. You need to maintain a gap of at least 30 minutes. These are known to have opposing duel qualities. This is one of the wrong food combinations as per Ayurveda.


4. Honey With Wine Or Dates And Sugar:

These are known to have similar qualities and hence can create dosha in the person who consumes these together. Hence, it is recommended to keep off from these foods as much as possible.


5. Fish With Milk:

This food combination is known to be incompatible. Both fish and milk have a contradiction in their potency, fish is hot and milk is cold. This can vitiate the blood and also obstruct the circulation channels. This is one of the worst foods to be combined.


6. Certain Meat, Fish And Seed Combinations:

Certain meat like cow, buffalo, fish, etc., should not be mixed along with honey, sesame seeds, sugar candy, milk, black gram, radish, lotus stalk or germinated grains. By doing this, it can lead to deafness, blindness, trembling, loss of voice or can even cause death in a person taking it.


7. Intake Of Milk After Certain Foods:

Milk should not be taken after consuming radish, garlic, moringa, tulsi plant, etc. This can lead to skin diseases. This is one of the food combinations to avoid.


8. Milk With Sour Fruits:

All sour substances as well as sour fruits such as sour mango, sour pomegranate, etc., are known to be incompatible with milk. Further, horse gram with milk is also not recommended. Drinking milk after consuming green leafy vegetables should also be avoided.


9. Heating Of Honey:

Heating of honey is strictly not recommended. Honey should also not be consumed by a person suffering from excess heat or heat stroke. This is one of the bad food combinations as per Ayurveda.


10. Banana With Buttermilk:

Opting to eat banana and buttermilk together is strictly against the rules of Ayurveda, as this can give rise to doshas in the body.


11. Exposure To Heat After Bhallataka (Marking Nut):

Exposure to hot substance or heat-inducing procedures like sun bathing is not recommended after consuming bhallataka, which a nut also known as geeru beeja.


12. Monkey Fruit With Black Gram Soup:

Ripe fruit should not be taken along with black gram soup, sugar candy and ghee, as it is known to be mutually contradictory.


13. Partridge With Castor Oil:

This meat cooked by the fire of castor oil or processed with or fried in castor oil is considered lethal for the body, as per Ayurveda.

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