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    Are You Sleeping On Your Stomach? Then, You Must Read This!

    By Sravia Sivaram

    So, is it actually bad to sleep on your stomach? The answer to this is - yes! Sleeping on your stomach can turn out to be taxing for your back and neck.

    This can lead to a poor sleep and discomfort throughout your body. If you're pregnant, you need to be specially careful about your sleeping position.

    is it bad to sleep on the stomach

    Many stomach sleepers are known to experience some kind of a pain. Whether it is the neck, back or the joints, this pain can determine there is something not right about your sleeping posture.

    More pain means that you're likely to wake up in the middle of the night and feel less rested in the morning.

    is it bad to sleep on the stomach

    How Does Sleeping On Your Stomach Exactly Affect You?

    Sleeping on your stomach places a strain on your back and spine. This is because most of your weight is in the middle of the neck. Hence, this can make it difficult to maintain a neutral spine position when you're sleeping.

    Stress on the spine can increase the stress on the other structures in the body. Since the spine is a pipeline for your nerves, spinal stress can cause pain just about anywhere in your body.

    is it bad to sleep on the stomach

    You might also experience tingling and numbness as if parts of your body have fallen asleep. Sleeping on your stomach can also affect your neck. It puts your head and spine out of alignment, as you tilt your head to the side while sleeping on your stomach. Overtime, neck problems can arise due to this.

    What Can Sleeping In This Position Do To Your Body?

    Sleeping in this position for prolonged hours can cause a herniated disk. This can cause a rupture of the gelatinous disk between your vertebrae. When this gel bulges out from the disk, it can irritate the nerves.

    is it bad to sleep on the stomach

    If you're pregnant, then you've got to be extra careful. Of course, it's almost as impossible to sleep on your stomach late into your pregnancy, but you'll have to avoid it early on. The extra weight around the middle can increase the pull on your spine.

    So, after reading this, we hope you try to get rid of this behaviour of sleeping on your stomach once and for all!

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