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Here Are The Side Effects Of Using Lubes!!


Are lubes safe? Actually, the human body has the capacity to lubricate the delicate gential parts during intercourse. But in some cases where dryness becomes a problem, using a lube may help.

What causes dryness? Well, factors like ageing, nursing, medication, childbearing and other lifestyle conditions could cause dryness.

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So, what is the problem if one uses lubricants? Well, most of the products that are available without prescription contain ingredients like glycol and propylene which may have harmful side effects.

Some of them may also contain carcinogenic compounds. Here are some more facts on the side effects of lube.


The Dangers Of Lube

When you happen to use any OTC lubes that contain harmful ingredients, you may experience burning sensation or allergic sensation.

But you may think that your dryness has caused those issues and may continue using the harmful lube for years. Excessive usage could even damage the delicate genital tissues and could make intercourse very painful.


They Could Cause BV

Some lubes could harm the cells of the body and could cause micro tears. Also, they could raise the risk of bacterial vaginosis.

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The Problem With Glycerin

Some women may develop yeast infection if they use lubes that contain glycerin. Somehow glycerin is one ingredient that seems to cause bacterial growth down there!


The Problem With Ingredients Like Petrochemicals

Some lubricants contain petrochemicals (substances which are derivatives of petrochemicals...for example polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol).

They cause burning sensation. Though initially some women like the warming sensation, with subsequent usage, the warming sensation could turn into burning sensation.


The Problem With Preservatives

If you experience itchy sensation after using a lube then it could mean that the preservatives used in them (example: benzyl alcohol, parabens, citric acid) are causing side effects. Even the stickiness of some lubes is due to some preservatives used.


The Problem With Benzocaine

Some chemicals used in lubes could numb the pain in order to help with the penetration. But using them is not advisable as they mask pain and sensation.

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That could lead to rough intercourse that could cause micro tears and injuries. Masking pain may make you unaware of the damage happening to the delicate parts. If it pains, postpone the intercourse.


What To Do?

Consult your doctor and explain your problem. Get a lube prescribed which contains 100% natural ingredients. Or else, use natural lubricants.

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