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Shocking! Are Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) Harmful? Read This To Find Out?


Are incense sticks harmful? Burning incense sticks is a daily ritual for most of us. It is part of our life. The pleasant fragrance that comes from those burning sticks seems to lift your spirits and fill the place with good vibes. Actually, that does a lot of good, right?

But is incense bad for you? Well, the problem is with the smoke. Today, the whole world is already filled with smoke. Air is polluted everywhere. Our ancestors lived in pollution-free environments, but today, we already have enough smoke in our cities. So, is it wise to burn incense and add more smoke?

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Researchers tried to study the same and came to a conclusion that the smoke from incense sticks could be harmful. Read on to know about the incense sticks health effects.


The Smoke Contains Carcinogens

Researchers claim that the smoke that comes from burning incense sticks could contain carcinogens like benzene, carbonyl and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.

It depends more on what those sticks are made of. Certain materials and oils used to manufacture the incense sticks do produce harmful compounds when they are burnt.


It Irritates Your Eyes And Skin

The smoke can irritate your skin and eyes too. It isn't good for kids and pregnant women. Some people may also experience itching sensation on skin.

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It Could Cause Inflammation

Are incense sticks harmful? For those who are suffering from asthma, incense stick smoke is harmful. For others, the smoke could cause inflammation in the bronchial tubes.


It Harms The Respiratory System

Long term use of incense sticks at home could raise the risk of cancer in the upper respiratory tract. This is one of the incense sticks health effects.


It Could Raise The Risk Of COPD

Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and harmful forms of formaldehyde and nitrogen can raise the risk of asthma and COPD in the long run.

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It Could Affect Your Cells

The duration of exposure and the intensity of the smoke and the materials used in the incense, all these factors play a role in doing certain amount of damage to your cells.


Troubles Your Kidneys

Is incense bad for you? Yes. Some incense sticks also contain iron, magnesium and lead. Your kidneys may need to struggle a lot to clear those toxins from your body on a daily basis. It could also impact the health of your heart in the long run.

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Pollutes Your Indoor Air

As the smoke pollutes the indoor air, headaches and certain neurological issues may also arise. The smoke fills your home with nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.

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