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Amazing Health Benefits Of Sage Tea & Essential Oil For Overall Health

By Sravia Sivaram

Sage is a perennial woody herb that has a host of health benefits for the human body. It is an evergreen shrub that is used in many food recipes and is known to have a slightly peppery flavour.

Sage is used for several aspects and is traditionally used to treat snakebites and boost female fertility. It is more widely used to improve the brain functioning, prevent chronic diseases, lower inflammation in the body, boost the immune system, prevent cognitive diseases, regulate digestion, strengthen the bones and also prevent the risk of diabetes.

Both - sage tea and the essential oil that is made out of this herb - help in treating several health problems that affect our well-being.

This is because sage has several medicinal properties. Sage is known to be a stimulant, a diuretic, an expectorant, and it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, which also serves as an appetite enhancer.

It contains antioxidants that clean up the free radicals and also eliminates environmental toxins like smoke and pesticides from the body.

In this article, we have listed the top health benefits of sage tea and sage essential oil. Take a look.


1. Helps Manage Diabetes:

Sage contains certain chemicals and extracts that are similar to the drugs that are specific for managing diabetes. It helps in inhibiting and regulating the release of glucose stored in the liver, thus preventing the fluctuation of blood sugar and prevents the risk of type 2 diabetes. This is one of the top health benefits of sage tea and sage essential oil.


2. Controls Inflammation:

As mentioned previously, sage is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It provides an inflammatory response to gingival fibroblasts, which is one type of a cell in the gum's connective tissue, thereby keeping gum infection and inflammation at bay.

Apart from this, chewing sage leaves is known to be one of the most effective ways to make the organic compounds of sage act in the body's system.


3. Antiseptic And Antibacterial In Nature:

Due to these properties, sage has been widely used in dental abscesses, throat infections, mouth ulcers and infected gums. Sage also contains phenolic acids that are effective against Staphylococcus aureus.


4. Treats Sore Throat:

Sage tea or sage infusion helps in treating inflamed throat, tonsils and ulcerated throat effectively. Boil 100 ml of water with a few sage leaves, then let it infuse for 15 minutes. Then, strain the concoction and add some honey to it. Gargle it every day to get quick relief.


5. Relieves Indigestion:

Sage is a natural remedy to treat indigestion. Sage contains rosmarinic acid that contains anti-inflammatory properties, which acts on the stomach, so that it prevents gastric spasms. It lowers the risk of gastritis and diarrhoea. Drinking sage tea helps in regulating the digestion process.


6. Antioxidant Impact:

Sage contains antioxidants like rosmarinic acid, apigenin and luteolin that act to neutralize the free radicals, hence preventing oxidative stress on the organ system, specifically the heart, skin, joints, muscles and brain.


7. Strengthens The Immune System:

Sage contains anti-microbial properties that help in preventing viral and bacterial infections, which attack the body. Sage acts as a defense against these sort of illnesses and thereby helps boost the immunity.


8. Boosts Cognition:

A small amount of sage either consumed or inhaled can stimulate recalling abilities as well as memory retention in people, as per a study. The concentration of brain activity is also increased and hence adding sage to your daily diet turns out to be a great brain booster.


9. Treats Alzheimer's Disease:

Sage extract helps in improving the cognition and reduction in the agitation of one developing Alzheimer's disease. This is also confirmed in the study 'In-vitro activity of S. lavandulaefolia (Spanish sage) relevant to treatment of Alzheimer's disease'.


10. Strengthens The Bones:

Sage contains high levels of vitamin K that is an essential vitamin required for general health. This vitamin helps in the development of bones as well as in maintaining the integrity of bones as you age. Adding sage to your diet for one meal helps in increasing the vitamin K levels, which occupy about 27% of the recommended intake a day.


11. Reduces Muscle Tension:

Sage is also beneficial for the muscles, as it contains anti-spasmodic properties that help in reducing the tension of the smooth muscles. Further, it also helps in case of asthma attacks, eliminates mucous congestion in the airways as well as prevents other infections. This is one of the best known health benefits of sage essential oil and sage tea.


12. Reduces Menopausal Symptoms:

Sage contains strong anti-hydrotic action that helps in treating night sweats. It can also be used as a general tonic for nervous exhaustion, fatigue, etc. Further, the oestrogenic effects of sage help in the case of menstrual irregularity, dysmenorrhoea and amenorrhoea.


13. Treats Depression:

Sage tea contains Thujone, which is a serotonin receptor antagonist. Hence, this helps to deal with depression. It also has general relaxant effects that are suitable for the treatment of vertigo, dizziness, nervousness and excitability.

This is also confirmed in the study 'Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Medicinal Property of Sage (Salvia) to Prevent and Cure Illnesses such as Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Dementia, Lupus, Autism, Heart Disease, and Cancer'.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 4, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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