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Acupressure Point For Constipation: Press Here To Poop Well!


Sometimes, everything goes well in the morning. But on some days, pooping becomes a herculean task. And when you are unable to pass the bowels, your whole day gets disturbed. Your frustration could spoil your mood.

In such a case, what would you do? Simply apply some pressure on a particular point using your fingers. Your bowels may start moving!

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What? Is it really that simple? In some cases, yes. It is an acupressure point. When the right amount of force is used to apply the right amount of pressure on the right acupressure point, it might work! Read on to know more...


What's The Point? Where's It Located?

Experts in acupressure refer to this point as "the sea of energy". Where is this point located? It is just a few inches below your belly button.


How To Measure

Measure the width of your forefinger. Multiply the number with 3. Suppose the width of your finger is an inch, then the distance is 3 inches below your belly button. That is where you need to apply pressure.

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How To...

When you are in the loo, press the point using three fingers. For how long? 1-3 minutes would be fine.

If your bowels move within 10 seconds, carry on with your nature's calls instead of pressing the point for 2 minutes.


How Does It Work?

Pressing at that point is said to activate healing energy in your system and as you know, the real healing starts after eliminating toxins.

In fact, even a massage on the abdominal muscles can help your body move the bowels.


Other Benefits

Additionally, pressing this pressure point can also soothe digestive issues, gas, menstrual cramps, and rectal pains.


Additional Tip

Instead of sitting, consider squatting while pooping. That position favours better bowel movement than sitting.

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Sometimes, when the bowel movement takes time, you might lose patience. That is when you try to apply lots of pressure on your rectum hoping to eliminate the waste material fast.

But that is not good. It could cause pain, injury or even a condition known as fatal heart arrhythmia. So, be patient.


Keep Moving

If your bowels need to move, you need to move. Ensure that you have an active lifestyle. Or else, perform an hour of aerobics per week.

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Exercise can keep your intestinal muscles in condition. Bowel movements get better.


Eat Fibre

No fibre, no poop! Eat enough of fiber to keep constipation at bay. Eat berries, beans, flaxseed, brown rice and prunes regularly.

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