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7 Breast Cancer Myths That You Must Never Believe!

By Chandana Rao

A quote on diseases goes like this, "I could not stop it, I cannot cure it and I did not cause it!"

The above mentioned quote makes a lot of sense on so many levels, when it comes to the relationship between living organisms and diseases.

causes for breast cancer

Most of us already know that as humans, diseases and ailments are not new to us.

Many of us would have been the victims of one or many ailments, right since a very young age, be it major or minor.

At every point in a human's life he/she is affected by diseases, regardless of age or gender, however, there could be certain diseases which affect only people of a certain age or gender.

A disease or an ailment could affect any part of our body, starting from our brain to the feet and everything in between.

We know that there is no way that a person can predict or prevent a disease from occurring, but we can surely follow a healthy lifestyle to remain relative disease-free for a longer time.

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There are a number of diseases which are not curable and could take a person's life and cancer is one of them.

As we know by now, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases which can affect mankind, second to AIDS.

Cancer is a disease in which there is an abnormal multiplication of cells in the body, causing cancerous tumours.

These tumours eventually grow in size and start to destroy the tissues and organs, eventually causing organ failure.

If the cancerous tumours are located in places where they cannot be operated, treatment can become extremely difficult.

There are many types of cancers, the common ones being, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, etc.

Here are a few myths about breast cancer that you must ignore.

Myth #1

Breast Cancer is the type of cancer which kills women the most. This is a myth because, according to the statistics, lung cancer has the highest fatality rate for women.

Myth #2

Self-exams are useless. This is a myth because, examining your own breasts of lumps and spots, regularly, helps determine the presence of breast cancer at early stages.

Myth #3

Mammograms can cause cancer. Mammogram is a technology used to detect the presence of tumours in the breast, using radiations. Getting mammograms once in a while does not increase cancer risk.

Myth #4

Removing a tumor can spread cancerous cells. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that removing a tumour in the breast can cause more cancerous cells to develop in that place.

Myth #5

Breast cancer is a hereditary condition. A woman with a family history of breast cancer may never be affected by the disease and vice versa, so it is a myth!

Myth #6

You can always feel lumps when you have breast cancer. There are many cases in which women may never feel the lumps, spots or any other signs of breast cancer while self-examining.

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