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5 Yoga Positions That Can Help You Reduce Belly Fat

By Mona Verma

Belly fat is considered to be a very complicated and stubborn fat, which doesn't get toned easily and you do have to sacrifice on a lot of things because of it.

Moreover, this is extremely harmful for the overall health of an individual. It has been observed in most of the cases that people who have belly fat usually lose self-esteem and self-confidence, which results in lowering down their quality of life.

Yoga is an answer to such a problem. Also, a good and healthy diet plays an important role too.

Unfortunately, it is this fat only which is visible to people around you. It lets you face diseases like heart-related problems, diabetes, digestion problems, gas and even some kinds of cancer.

So many problems, don't worry we have one solution for all and that is, try following the suggested asanas and get rid of this stubborn fat for good.

• Cobra Posture (Bhujangasana): It helps in strengthening the abs along with the upper body and your back, making your spine strong and back flexible. This asana is quite easy to perform. Just lie down on your stomach, with your legs stretched and palms under each shoulder. Now, inhale slowly, raising your chest and bend backwards as much as you can. Maintain this position for 30 seconds and then exhale slowly. Get back to the normal position and relax. Repeat this at least 5-6 times. Kindly avoid this pose if you have been suffering from hernia, back injury, any kind of a surgery pain or if you are pregnant.

• Pontoon posture (Naukasana): This pose is like a bull's eye. It exactly hits the place where your fat is. Apart from being good for your stomach, it helps to strengthen your legs and back muscles. With your arms by your side, just lie down on your back. While inhaling, raise your legs as high as you can and try not to bend them. Now, try to touch your toes with the tip of your fingers, making approximately a 45-degree angle. Hold the pose for 15- 20 seconds. Then, exhale and get back to the normal position.

• Board (kumbhakasana): This is the easiest of the poses. It strengthens your arms, shoulders, thighs, back and buttocks. Lie down on your stomach with your legs stretched and both your palms under the shoulders. With one leg stable, stretch one leg at the back, as much as you can. Keep inhaling, keeping your body aligned and look straight. Your fingers should be wide-spread. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Now, relax and return back to the normal position. Do the same with the other leg this time.

• Bow Posture (Dhanurasana): This pose is excellent for your abs, along with keeping you away from constipation. The exact position of this pose is, you need to balance yourself on your tummy. Lie down on your stomach, with your hands on your sides. Now, fold your legs and raise them upwards while holding your ankles with your hands. Slowly, inhale and maintain this position for 30 seconds. Relax and get back to the normal position and repeat this asana 5 times.

• Wind-easing Posture (Pawanmuktasana): This pose helps to balance your pH level, along with enhancing your metabolism. Also, it relieves you from your back pain, firms your hips, thighs and abs. Lie on your back, while stretching your feet with your heels touching one another. While exhaling, just bend your knees and get them close to your chest and put pressure on your belly with your thighs. Hold this pose for at least a minute. Just concentrate on your breathing. Repeat this pose 5-6 times and tehn relax.

These are really easy Yoga asanas that you could perform on a daily basis. If not possible on daily basis, then just try following 3 of these poses 3-4 times in a week and see the results by yourself.

If you have undergone any kind of a surgery, it is advisable to consult your doctor before performing these Yoga asanas.

Story first published: Friday, October 21, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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