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Why You Shouldn't Do Pull Ups Everyday


Many people think working out everyday is enough to stay healthy and maintain muscle mass. Though there is some truth in it, there are some other facts to know.

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You need to be aware of the muscles you workout, how often you work on the same muscle during the week, how much rest you give it and how often you feed it.

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Without looking at such aspects, you may not be able to successfully grow muscle. Some people wonder whether they can do pull ups every day. Here are some facts...


Fact #1

It isn't advisable to do pull ups every day. Your muscles will not get enough rest. In fact, this applies to all exercises. When you are engaging a muscle in a workout, make it a point to give it a day off so that it will take some rest.


Fact #2

When you perform pull ups, satellite cells play an important role in rebuilding the muscle. So, the growth of muscles is a result of repair.


Fact #3

Giving ample of rest to your muscles will make them grow. Also, the soreness will decrease.


Fact #4

What is soreness? Well, it is your body's way of telling you that it is tired. If you feel sore after a workout, it means that you have shocked your muscles enough. But if you feel sore even after 2 days, then it means that your body needs more rest to recover.


Fact #5

It is advisable to give a gap of 48 hours before you engage the same muscle because repair needs time.


Fact #6

So, if you are doing pull ups today, it is better to do squats tomorrow so that day after tomorrow you can get back to pull ups. This way, you may need to give a gap of a day or two so that our muscles get some rest.

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