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Why You Must Eat Well And Play More

The easiest way to stay healthy is by eating well and playing more. In fact, if your activity levels are more, you don't need to worry much about how many calories you are consuming and how many are being burnt.

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But when you stay inactive, that is when you many need to carefully choose your calories. When it comes to activity levels, you don't need to go to the gym. You can choose simple activities like walking and stick to them.

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If you are bored of walking then you may choose your favourite game like golf or tennis and enjoy your play. Even that burns many calories and also gives you a break form your daily life activities. And don't forget to eat well. Now read on to know about the benefits of eating well and playing more.


Benefit #1

Eating well provides nutrients and energy. Your body functions efficiently when you provide adequate amounts of all the necessary nutrients. Generally, dieting may deprive you of certain nutrients if it isn't planned well.


Benefit #2

Eating well makes you feel good. Many studies claim that you tend to feel angry, frustrated and stressful when you don't eat properly and stay hungry in the name of dieting. So, eat well to feel good.


Benefit #3

Eating well makes your mind sharp. Your brain requires enough nutrients to function efficiently. You may feel confused and disoriented when you don't eat properly.


Benefit #4

Playing more will burn your calories. You will stay in shape when you don't have accumulated calories in the form of fat.


Benefit #5

Playing more can sharpen your mind. Yes, some games demand alertness and some brain activity too. When used properly and regularly, your brain tends to work efficiently.


Benefit #6

Playing more slows down your ageing signs. Also, as your blood circulation tends to get better, your skin will look radiant when you have enough physical activity in your lifestyle.


Benefit #7

Playing more boosts your mood as it releases endorphins in your brain. That is why you can feel good when you eat well and play more.

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