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Why Should You Not Deprive Yourself Of Sleep

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The negative effects of not getting enough sleep are numerous and may lead to disastrous results. Sleep is extremely important for us and it is only when we sleep that our bodies repair themselves not only physically, but mentally as well. Individuals need at least six hours of sleep everyday for the mind to function properly and for the body to remain healthy.

Alcohol consumption or caffeine intake on a regular basis before bedtime is among the most typical causes of difficulty in sleeping. Certain medications, like thyroid replacements, some asthma medications, pain preparations, some vitamin and mineral supplements, can have a stimulating effect on you and keep you awake and result in restless sleep.

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what are the causes of sleep deprevision

Even sleeping pills, if taken for an extended period, may not work properly and lead to sleeplessness. Illnesses like asthma or other respiratory illnesses may cause sleep disturbances and cause you to get up in the middle of the night out of breath several times.

what are the causes of sleep deprevision

Sleep deprivation can lower your quality of life and is dangerous to your physical and mental health. Sleeping is as important as breathing or eating. Hormones are produced when we sleep. These hormones repair our cells and tissues and help to build muscle mass.

what are the causes of sleep deprevision

When you do not sleep properly, it affects your brain's ability to function properly. It affects your mental and emotional state. Lack of sleep can also lead to depression. It might also lead to paranoia, suicidal thoughts and impulsive behaviour. The mind loses its ability to think properly. It hampers your decision-making abilities. You tend to lose balance and coordination.

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what are the causes of sleep deprevision

Your immune system also suffers and you can fall sick very often. While you are asleep, the body produces cytokines and antibodies and cells that fight off harmful agents. If you do not sleep properly, your body fails to produce these and you fail to build immunity.

what are the causes of sleep deprevision

Sleep deprivation also leads to cardiac problems, diabetes, weight gain, and respiratory problems. So now you see why you should get your daily quota of sleep without fail.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 9, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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