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Why Men Should Avoid White Food

By Archana Mukherji

Men like to stay fit and working out is their passion. In order to reduce weight, they tend to eat light food like bread, which they think has less fat and is healthy.

They consume a lot of bottled juice, canned food, etc, which they think are healthy; however, these foods actually are not.

It is always good to have your kitchen pantry with some handy food to avoid any last-minute rush to the store in times of emergencies.

But then, it is very vital that you have those healthy staples at home. Some of the shelf-stable foods like white rice, pasta sauce, canned soup, etc, contain a lot of carbohydrates and excess sugar, which actually tend to spoil the health goals that you are trying to achieve.

This is why men should avoid white food. On the contrary, if you pick nutritious and power-packed foods, they will help you train yourself longer and build your muscles.

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There are many reasons why men should avoid white food. These foods tend to create a layer of fat in your abs, which in the long run can lead to several long-term health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

This article helps you understand the reasons why men should avoid white food and what are the foods that should be kicked out of your pantry.

Why Are White Foods To Be Avoided?

Men should realise that working out at the gym alone cannot help them keep fit, whereas it is essential for them to take a proper diet free from chemicals and preservatives.

The muscle building supplements can also have some side effects. That is why men should avoid white food.

White food generally refers to foods that are white in colour and that have been processed and refined like flour, rice, pasta, cereals, bread, crackers, cookies and even table sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

White foods, especially "bad carbs" like sugar and baked goods that are made of refined flour, have been proven to be the greatest culprits in America's obesity epidemic.

Foods like white sauce pasta and cookies made of white flour are very tempting and can be easily over-eaten, but these will only increase the carbohydrate consumption in your body.

The same is true with sweetened beverages which contain high fructose corn syrup. Having known the bad effects that are discussed above, it is easily understood why men should avoid white food.

Here's a list of white foods that men must avoid, do have a look.

Bread:Men should consider this as their greatest enemy and just stop eating it. It is made of refined white flour, which will only increase your carbohydrate content in the body. Even if you are eating whole grain bread, it is still a processed food and is very unhealthy.

Dairy:Dairy in any form such as milk, butter, cheese, etc, should be consumed in minimal quantities, else it will lead to digestive problems and add fat to your belly.

Canned Juice:Canned juice is basically considered as sugar water because it contains a lot of sugar and lacks the actual fibre content of a whole fruit.

Pasta:Pasta itself is made of refined flour; and if you are trying to eat a white-sauce pasta, then you are adding a lot of fat and carbohydrates to your diet. The white sauce contains cheese, butter and white flour again.

White Rice:Consumption of white rice regularly increases body weight and is a very good reason to explain why men should avoid white food, specially those who are planning to shed those extra kilos!

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