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What If The Vomit Is In Green Colour?

Vomiting could be a very bad experience that nobody would want to undergo. But sometimes, when you see weird colours in your vomit, it could be a cause of concern.

Sometimes, the vomit could take the color of the food you ate because improperly digested food may sometimes come out as vomit.

But wait, green vomit could indicate serious health issues and you may need to consult a doctor. When there are poisonous toxins in your system, your body has only two choices to throw them out. One is through your bowels and the other is through the vomit. Read on to know more....


Reason #1

If your liver suffers any infection then the bile and stomach acids mix together and may come out as green vomit. So, consult the doctor to get the infection treated.


Reason #2

Sometimes, your body simply tries to get rid of certain harmful substances through green vomit. It is good to hydrate yourself in such a case to help your body flush the substances.


Reason #3

Certain medications could trigger the stomach. For example, when you take morphine, it could cause green vomiting.


Reason #4

When the bowels fail to move properly due to any obstruction, then your body may try to expel the material through vomit.


Reason #5

Even alcohol and some medicines can seriously irritate the gastrointestinal tract and result in a green vomiting. When you drink along with certain foods that don't go well with alcohol then it could cause green vomit.


Reason #6

Under-cooked foods or even food poisoning could also be the reasons behind green vomit. If you are allergic to certain foods, eating them could cause the vomit.


Reason #7

If you see green vomit, it is better to consult a doctor immediately. Seek medical help, reduce your stress levels and get plenty of sleep.