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What Salt, Pepper And Lemon Mixture Can Do To Your Body

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Do you ever feel that going to fancy hospitals even for minor conditions is burning a hole in your pocket?

Do you also feel that modern medicine is the only solution to all the ailments that affect humans?

If yes, then here is some good news! You do not have to spend on expensive treatments for certain ailments, as there is always a natural alternative.

Yes, many of us may not believe in this, but our kitchens and gardens hold a whole range of natural ingredients that come with medicinal properties.

Most people are ignorant about the medicinal value of natural ingredients, as modern medicine has taken over; and now we rely upon them heavily.

It is always best to use natural methods to treat various diseases, as natural ingredients do not pose the threat of side effects.

Many a times, chemical-induced medicines can do more harm to your body than good.

For example, many studies have proved that taking antibiotics can gradually weaken your immune system.

So, go the natural way! By consuming this mixture - salt (1 teaspoon), pepper powder (½ teaspoon) and a few drops of lime juice, you can treat 7 diseases!

Yes, learn what they are by reading more, here!


1. Reduces Stuffy Nose

The mixture of salt, pepper and lime, along with warm water, can produce optimum heat in your body and reduce inflammation in the nasal cavities, thereby relieving a stuffy nose.


2. Treats A Sore Throat

This natural mixture comes with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that can kill the bacteria in your throat which cause infection, thereby helping you cure a sore throat.


3. Treats Gallstones

The mixture of salt, pepper and lime, along with some olive oil, is known to dissolve the stones that are accumulated in the gall bladder, with regular consumption.


4. Aids In Weight Loss

By consuming this natural mixture with hot water, every morning, your body's metabolism increases, along with its fat-burning capacity, thus aiding in weight loss.


5. Reduces Toothache

Since this mixture (along with warm water) has anti-inflammatory property, when you use it to gargle your mouth, it can reduce tooth pain to a great extent.


6. Treats Flu

The mixture of salt, pepper and lime, when mixed with some honey, has the ability to combat viruses and microbes that cause flu, thereby helping you reduce the symptoms of flu.


7. Reduces Nausea

While salt and pepper neutralise the acids in your stomach, the odour of lime juice reduces nausea, thereby treating stomach troubles and its symptoms.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 14:55 [IST]
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