What Natural Erectile Dysfunction Supplements Contain

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Erectile dysfunction has become a global problem of our times and the reasons behind it could sometimes be just lifestyle issues. But this problem has become a million dollar industry as merchants discovered that they can sell well when they promise better performance.

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But what do those natural erectile dysfunction supplements contain? To begin with, ingredients like ginkgo biloba were used as remedies since long. In a recent study, several so-called natural supplements were examined.

Also, several products that were labeled as natural supplements were said to contain microscopic traces of certain chemicals (drugs). Though such pills seem to work, they may pose several cardiovascular risks later on.

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So, adultery is a big issue here. Therefore, using any supplement (whether it contains natural ingredients or prescription drugs) could be dangerous if you are doing it without consulting a doctor. In fact using natural remedies like garlic could be a safer option.

Now, let us discuss about certain ingredients of natural erectile dysfunction supplements.



In a study, fenugreek showed promising results but health experts say that it works more like a placebo without any side effects.


Red Ginseng

The extract of red ginseng is one ingredient seen in most of the supplements. This may enhance the blood circulation to the privates. Though this extract seems to work, health experts say that there isn't enough evidence to say that it is totally safer or efficient.


Horny Goat Weed

Though the toxic effects of this ingredient are mild, health experts say that there isn't enough evidence to prove that it surely works for everyone.



This ingredient is said to work without creating serious side effects though minor reactions were seen in some people who used it. But still, researchers say that it is not totally tested to be promoted well.



Though certain studies showed promising results, health experts say that the current data isn't sufficient to endorse this ingredient as effective and safe.



Though this ingredient is safe, health experts never recommend it for daily usage. Added to that, they claim that there isn't much evidence to show that it boots performance for sure.


Ginkgo Biloba

This ingredient is also used to treat other health issues like hypertension but when it comes to ED, the researchers say that there isn't supporting clinical data to certify its efficiency.

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