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Miraculous Remedy: Put Sliced Lemon Next To Bed

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Lemon has many therapeutic properties. It not only refreshes you with its juice but can also offer many health benefits with its smell too.

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Yes, lemon is more than an air freshener. Simply slice a couple of lemons, slice them and sprinkle just a pinch of salt on them.

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Before sleeping, place those slices somewhere in the bedroom near the place you sleep. What happens if you do so? Well, many sources claim that there are some health benefits if you do so. Here are they...


Benefit #1

The smell of lemons contains antibacterial properties. If you are unable to sleep due to nasal congestion, the aroma of lemons may ease you into sleep.


Benefit #2

The fragrance of lemon will relieve the symptoms of stress and make you feel relaxed. This will help you sleep well.


Benefit #3

If flies and other insects disturb your sleep then lemon slices have the repelling capacity. You can sleep without getting irritated by flies.


Benefit #4

Those who suffer insomnia will be able to relax well and fall asleep if they place lemon slices beside bed.


Benefit #5

Some sources claim that this practice can also lower your blood pressure. Try it out and see if it works.


Benefit #6

You will wake up feeling fresh. Some sources claim that the aroma of lemons will boost serotonin levels. So, you will feel good after waking up.


Benefit #7

Above all, lemon slices freshen up the air. The quality of indoor air in your bedroom gets enhanced.

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