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Side Effects Of Inactive Sex-Life

Most of us view lovemaking as just an activity that offers pleasure but it is more than that. It offers several health benefits.

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In fact, lack of love in your life could make you feel disoriented or sad about your life. Love offers purpose and meaning to life. And when it comes to lovemaking, lack of it could make you lose interest in leading a happy life.

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In fact, lack of active sex-life could make you lose the desire to look good and feel good. There are so many other ill effects of an inactive sex life. Read on to know...


Side Effect #1

Love making is in fact a type of cardio activity. So, it works just like an activity that burns calories and keeps you healthy. Those who don't exercise and don't participate in lovemaking have higher risks of suffering heart diseases.


Side Effect #2

Many studies suggest that active sex life inspires one to work harder in careers as well as in the gym. Lack of romance could take away the spirit and may make one feel uninspired.


Side Effect #3

Absence of love could also cause insecurity and low self-esteem in some people. You may start doubting your capabilities, looks, qualities, personality and everything else.


Side Effect #4

People who don't engage in enough lovemaking could suffer discomfort and irritability quite often.


Side Effect #5

Lack of sex could also increase the chances of insomnia and restlessness.


Side Effect #6

Love making makes you feel good as it releases what they call endorphins that boost your mood. So, those who totally neglect romance and love may have higher chances of suffering depression especially when they spend a lonely life for decades.


Side Effect #7

Many surveys also claim that couples who don't engage in regular lovemaking sessions tend to suffer more disagreements. Intimacy releases oxytocin. When you are not intimate, emotional distance could increase and this could result in hostility.

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