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Healing Powers Of Garlic Milk


You might hate to eat garlic. And when it is mixed in milk, you might hate to drink milk too. But what if we say that it has medicinal benefits?

Many health experts agree that garlic milk has some therapeutic effects. Here are some of them...


People suffering from asthma may consume garlic once a day. And for those who are battling pneumonia, consuming a glass of garlic milk thrice a day may help relieve the symptoms.


When cholesterol builds up in the blood, it could cause cardiovascular issues. It could even block the blood flowing in the arteries.

Circulatory System

It could affect your entire circulatory system. When you drink garlic milk, it acts like an effective remedy for the circulatory system too.


When toxins accumulate and your liver feels burdened, garlic can help cleanse the system of the toxins. It can also prevent or cure jaundice.


As arthritis could also occur due to inflammation of the joints, garlic can be an effective remedy. Garlic milk can speed up the recovery.


Those suffering from insomnia can sleep well after drinking garlic milk.


Adding some turmeric to garlic milk can help you find relief from cough and chest congestion too.

Stomach Complications

Garlic milk can also heal your digestive system and enhance immune system.


Many men who drink garlic milk have battled impotence up to an extent as it enhances the circulation of blood.

Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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