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What Causes Bad Breath?

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Halitosis or bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria that reside on the surface of the tongue and throat and create smelly sulphur compounds when they come in contact with proteins. If you do not clean the mouth after consuming alcoholic beverages and tobacco, smoking cigarettes and eating foods like onions, cabbage, garlic, etc. this issue can surface.

Millions of individuals suffer from halitosis. We eat a meal and after that suffer from embarrassing halitosis later. The perpetrators are specific foods like garlic and cabbage, that have sulphur compounds.

What Causes Bad Breath

When released these sulphur compounds cause breath to smell poor. This liberation of sulphur compounds happens as foods are digested. The sulphur compounds are produced as a result of digestion and carried to the lungs. Here they are removed by the lungs in the air that we exhale giving us bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath

Bacteria feed on bits of food left on the teeth after meals. These microorganisms create unstable sulphur compounds as a result of their feasting. These unstable sulphur compounds give the breath its foul smell.

What Causes Bad Breath

To escape, these microorganisms hide in places where oxygen cannot reach, under plaque and food debris, in the spaces between the tooth and gingiva and in the deep cracks of the tongue.

There are other causes of bad breath as well. Saliva along with other practices like dieting, fasting or talking for long time periods reduce saliva flow and contribute to bad breath. A deficiency of vitamin B and zinc may also become the cause of your bad breath. Plaque on the tongue may cause bad breath where bacteria could grow.

What Causes Bad Breath

Certain medicines, alcohol intake and breathing through the nose during exercise also dry the mouth and contribute to the problem. If you are dieting, fasting or talking for prolonged periods drink water to stimulate saliva flow and dampen the mouth area. The water will even wash away food and bacteria that contribute to halitosis.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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