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What Are The Main Casues Of Hernia

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The causes of hernia are many. Before that let us understand what a hernia is. A hernia occurs when the contents of the body cavity bulge out from the area where they are usually located. These contents, typically parts of the intestine or abdomen or fatty tissue, are surrounded by a thin membrane which naturally lines the insides of the cavity.

The term hernia is used to describe hernias of the lower body. The most familiar are those that occur in the stomach. In this kind of hernia, a part of the intestine projects through the wall of the stomach. The name given to the hernia is determined by the location wherein it happens.

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what are the causes of hernia

There are many causes of hernia. Marked obesity is an important factor that is responsible for hernias. Weakened muscle tissues, poor circulation and lack of exercise cause hernias. Excessive weight exerts pressure on the muscles and is a major cause for hernias.

what are the causes of hernia

Heavy lifting is an important contributor to the development of hernias. People who lift heavy components should learn good body mechanics and wear appropriate support to avoid placing undue stress on weak internal muscles.

In case the air is not expelled out of an individual's lungs while lifting, it will force the stomach into the oesophagus. In certain people, this weakness is congenital, which suggests it is present at birth.

what are the causes of hernia

Hard coughing rounds, sharp blows to the stomach, tight clothing and bad posture might lead to the development of this problem.

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Excessive fat gain or loss, physical exercise that puts pressure on the stomach, maternity, straining during bowel movement due to constipation, straining during urination due to an enlarged prostate can cause hernia.

what are the causes of hernia

Since the abdomen wall is weak, the hernia happens during abdomen strain. Many occur as a consequence of increased pressure inside the stomach, a pre existing poor spot in the abdomen wall or a combination of the two.

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Story first published: Sunday, August 21, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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