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What Are The Actual Reasons For Scabies?

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Scabies is a condition caused by microscopic mites called the Sarcoptes scabiei var that burrow into the skin and create irritation, rash and itching. This mite resides only on the bodies of human hosts and spreads through direct contact with others or by exposure to infected objects. This mite is very infectious and an infected individual can spread it to numerous other persons.

In the past, the reasons for scabies were considered to be improper hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle. However, research has proved that scabies has completely nothing to do with hygiene and may occur in individuals of all ages, regardless of sex.

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how do you get scabies

Children are mainly impacted by scabies because of their interaction with classmates and buddies. Elderly people may also be susceptible to scabies, as a result of their limited freedom of movement. Scabies may also be sexually transmitted and in lots of cases the mites invade the skin in the sex organ area.

how do you get scabies

Nothing appears to stop the mites from infesting in the skin of their human hosts. Once they are contracted, the female mites burrow into the skin and put their eggs there. After two or three days, the larvae emerge from the eggs and scale to the surface of the skin.

how do you get scabies

They continue to develop into adult mites hidden in the skin. It is significant to keep in mind that the main cause of scabies is not the existence of the mites on the body. Allergy to their faeces and eggs are the real causes of scabies.

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The mites feed on the human blood and contaminate the skin with their bites and another reason for scabies is infection due to the toxic substances secreted by the mites. The toxins produced by the mites are not tolerated by the human body, causing severe irritation, rash, pustules and blisters on the skin.

how do you get scabies

Even though the causes of scabies cannot be prevented, the treatment for scabies is quite effective in dealing with the mite infestation. It consists of local medical creams, gels and lotions which are applied on the whole surface of the skin. The mites are uprooted in only a few days of appropriate treatment.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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