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Weird Reasons Why Your Gums Are Bleeding

If you ignore your dental health, bleeding gums may occur. But in some cases, it may occur even in those who take good care of their teeth. Well, there are other reasons for bleeding gums.

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Generally, if bleeding occurs when you try to brush your teeth then it could be periodontal disease. Bacterial infections could also cause bleeding. Certain gum diseases can destroy the whole tooth and could cause teeth fall.

Firstly, when plaque buildup occurs, bacteria accumulates the wastes on the teeth and this could cause irritation. That is when inflammation occurs as your body's response to the action.

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Almost 80% of the people are aid to experience bleeding gums at some or the other phase in their lives. Here are some other weird reasons why bleeding gums could occur.


Reason #1

Even poor oral hygiene can also cause inflammation and this could also make your gums bleed. When tartar builds up on teeth, it could irritate your gums and may also cause swelling.


Reason 2

When your teeth are crooked, brushing them would get difficult and this may gradually lead to build up of food particles which get trapped in the corners and get decomposed later.


Reason 3

Even over-brushing is dangerous. Also, using a brush with hard bristles can also cause bleeding gums.


Reason 4

If your diet lacks enough of vitamin C then it could cause painful and swollen gums.


Reason 5

In rare cases, deficiency of vitamin K could also be a reason for the bleeding gums. Actually, vitamin K is a clotting agent and when it is absent, bleeding may occur from several places and gums could be one place.


Reason 6

When women undergo hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause or during contraceptive usage) bleeding gums could occur.


Reason 7

Certain medications can also cause gum bleeding. Even drugs like aspirin and medical procedures likes chemotherapy could also cause gum bleeding.


Reason 8

Even liver issues could cause bleeding gums. Those who drink alcohol excessively may suffer bleeding gums at some point of time when their liver metabolism gets upset.