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Wearing Underwear At Night Is Good Or Bad For Health?

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Sleeping without an underwear at night allows the genitals to dry completely, thus aiding in a reduced bacterial growth.

If one does not follow this health advice, their genitals can begin to grow fungi and bacteria, leading to urethra and bladder infections.

You must have come across this at some point in your life. But, today, studies show that one must sleep with an underwear in order to protect their genitals. Recently, an experiment was conducted on 2 women.

Wearing Underwear At Night Is Good Or Bad For Health?

One who opted to wear an underwear and the other who went commando. The one who went commando felt itchy in the genitals after an hour or so, whereas the one who slept with an underwear faced no problems.

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The cause of the itchy feeling could be due to the private area being rubbed against the bed-sheet causing an immediate infection or it could also be due to the area being exposed to air.

Do You Sleep With Your Underwear?

Studies have shown that sleeping without an underwear has reduced multiple infections, but sleeping with one is healthy too.

Today, we bring to you five reasons on why we think you should sleep with your underwear. Take a look:

wearing underwear at night

Sleeping With Underwear Protects Your Privates: Yes, when you sleep with your underwear on, it protects your privates from getting hurt. Sometimes, we tend to not clean the bed we sleep on, and if there are any food crumbs or sharp instruments on the bed, it can easily hurt the vagina or the penis if you are sleeping without an underwear.

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Sleeping With Underwear Prevents Dryness: Most women at some point of time suffer from vaginal dryness. This problem leads to excessive itching of the private parts and often an infection. If you are going through menopause, wherein hot flashes is accompanied with dryness, wear your underwear at night to prevent the area from losing out on its moisture.

sleeping in underwear benefits

Sleeping With Underwear Makes You Comfortable:Wearing an underwear at night helps to keep you comfortable. It aids in making you feel good and, at the same time, you are liable to sleep in any which way that you like.

Sleeping With Underwear Is Hygienic: Sleeping with an underwear is hygienic and safe and there is no doubt in that. When the private area is covered and protected, there is no chance of the germs or bacteria from the bed-sheet to enter or go anywhere near to your zone. Therefore, experts state that sleeping with a thin underwear is likely the best.

underwear at night is good or bad

Sleeping With Underwear Can Prevent Infections: When you sleep with your underwear, there is a 70 per cent chance of you being protected from all sorts of infections. So, in order to stay safe, wear on your underwear at night and stick to only cotton fabrics.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 21, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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