Unusual Reasons For Memory Loss You Should Know!

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Do you feel like you have been more absent-minded and forgetful lately? If yes, then there may be a few surprising reasons for your memory loss, apart from a common ailment like Alzheimer's disease.

Imagine forgetting to do important tasks or forgetting things like locking the front door or you car! It can be quite dangerous, right?

Well, people who are experiencing forgetfulness or gradual memory loss tend to forget about certain important things, which could hamper their work life, personal life and can even put their safety under potential risk.

We all tend to be forgetful at times; however, if our decline of memory power affects our lives in a major way, then we should definitely be concerned about it.

Many a times, people experiencing memory loss tend to think that they may be affected by incurable diseases like Alzheimer's or dementia; however, there could be other reasons that may be causing their forgetfulness as well.

Usually, diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia affect people who are above the age of 65 years, so if you are younger, you should look at other possible causes.

So, here is a list of unusual causes for memory loss, take a look!

1. Medication

causes for memory loss

Causes for memory loss can be certain medications given for blood pressure or even painkillers that can affect the functions of the neurotransmitters, affecting your memory power.

2. Depression

causes for memory loss

A research study has claimed that people who are suffering from depression tend to experience memory loss, as the changes in their brain chemicals may induce certain changes in the memory power.

3. Stress

causes for memory loss

Causes for forgetfulness can be stress, as a person who is under extreme stress or pressure cannot concentrate or focus on a particular thing and is distracted easily.

4. Exhaustion

causes for memory loss

Another reason for memory loss can be chronic fatigue or exhaustion; and if you are tired all the time, your brain's capacity to store memories decreases.

5. Excess Alcohol

causes for memory loss

If you are consuming excess alcohol on a regular basis, you could experience forgetfulness, as alcohol can disturb the balance of your brain chemicals.

6. Diabetes

causes for memory loss

Yes, diabetes can be one of the reasons for memory loss, as this disorder can weaken your brain cells and thus your memory skills.

7. Heart Diseases

causes for memory loss

If you are suffering from a heart ailment, then the blood supply to your brain can get decreased, thus causing memory loss in some people.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 11:17 [IST]
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