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Top Ten Home Remedies For Thyroid Disease

By: Ajanta Sen

Are you suffering from thyroid disease? Are you looking for some effective home remedies? Well, let us first acquaint you with the definition, cause and types of thyroid disease. Thyroid is a gland in your body that controls your metabolism.

Although it sounds as if thyroid is just a single name, there are 2 types of it. The first type is "Hypothyroidism" and the second type is "Hyperthyroidism".

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The inadequate secretion of the thyroid hormones is known as Hypothyroidism, whereas the excess secretion of the thyroid hormones is called Hyperthyroidism.

However, the main reason behind this irregular thyroid hormone secretion is the deficiency of iodine.

Sometimes, there are also situations in which you can have some serious ailments such as goitre, cancer or cysts, which are also a signal of thyroid diseases.

Although there are a number of treatments and therapies to cure and prevent thyroid disease, you can also treat it by trying out some of the amazing home remedies along with your prescribed medications.

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These home remedies are devoid of any side effects and thus are safe to be used. Some particular home remedies are suitable for both types of thyroid disease.

Below are the top ten home remedies for thyroid disease. Trying these remedies can definitely help you in treating, controlling and preventing the problem of thyroid disease, have a look.



Spinach is one of the top ten home remedies for thyroid disease. Spinach is rich in vitamin A that is essential for the overall health of an individual. Vitamin A also helps in maintaining equilibrium of thyroid control and preservation. The thyroid-endocrine gland in your body also uses the vitamin A to control the thyroid hormones' secretion. Thus, spinach proves to be one of the best home remedies for the treatment of thyroid disease.



Kelp is a seaweed that is rich in iodine, which is useful in controlling thyroid. Thus, you must incorporate kelp in your daily diet by mixing it in your salads and soups.


Coconut Oil

When the thyroid hormone secretion goes high, the oestrogen production also increases, which in turn blocks the functioning of the thyroid gland. Coconut oil cuts down the oestrogen level and also boosts your body's metabolic rate. This results in burning up of your fat into energy. Consuming coconut oil (1 tbsp) along with milk (one cup) once daily is one of the top ten home remedies for thyroid disease.



Turmeric is one of the most common spices that is used in the preparation of a majority of the Indian dishes. Turmeric contains "Curcumin" which helps in reducing the thyroid inflammation. Thus, turmeric is quite an effective home remedy for the control and prevention of thyroid disease.


Table Salt

Table salt contains iodine that helps to keep the thyroid secretion under control. Thus, this common kitchen spice, which is used in all the dishes, proves to be an effective remedy for the prevention and control of thyroid disease.



Ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances known as "Gingerols". They help in alleviating thyroid inflammation, and this is the reason why ginger is one of the top ten home remedies for thyroid treatment.


Egg Yolk

Egg yolks abound with copper that helps in the smooth functioning of the thyroid gland regularising the secretion of the thyroid hormones. Therefore, to keep thyroid problem at bay, egg yolk can be included in the diet often.



Some particular forms of yoga can work wonders for thyroid diseases. However, these yoga postures should always be performed under the supervision of an expert yoga trainer.



Walnut is a readily available dry fruit, which is available in the kitchens of almost every household. Walnut is rich in magnesium and iodine that help in controlling the secretion of the thyroid hormones. Thus, walnut is also one of the best home remedies for the treatment of thyroid.



If you are suffering from thyroid disease, then doing exercises is one of the best home remedies to cure this problem. However, make sure that you start doing the workouts under the supervision of an expert trainer only, otherwise it might turn out to be dangerous.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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