Top 12 Health Benefits Of Beetroot That You Didn't Know

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Beetroot is considered as one one of the healthiest food options since ancient times. It is also known to treat various health issues. Read on to find out the other health benefits of beetroot.

Beetroot is enriched several nutrients like vitamin, zinc, magnesium, saponins, flavonoids, chlorine, betaine, sodium, calcium and natural nitrates. Beetroot aids in lowering the body temperature.

Since beetroot also contains chlorine, it helps in enhancing the function of organs. It has hypoallergenic properties and cleans the gall bladder, kidneys and lymph.

The other health benefits of beetroot is that, it is rich in nutrient density and effectively treats diabetes, week immune system, sleeping issues, anaemia, high blood pressure and thyroid disorders.

Consumption of beetroot can make the urine turn red and this is not a serious matter of concern. The red colour in beetroot is due to betacyanin, which helps to defend cells against the harmful carcinogens.

One of the best known health benefits of beetroot is that it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Further, beet is said to contain a unique fibre that treats colon cancer.

Read the complete article to know about the various health benefits of beetroot.


1. Improves Blood Flow:

Beetroots are rich in nitrates and these get converted into nitrites with the help of bacteria in the mouth. This boosts the blood flow to the brain.


2. Detoxifies The Liver:

It contains betaine and supports healthy liver function. This is one of the foremost health benefits of beetroot.


3. Helps Manage Menstrual Disorders & Menopause Symptoms:

Beetroot is enriched with iron and helps in the regeneration of red blood cells in the body. This helps in treating menstrual disorders and menopause symptoms.


4. Treats Cancer:

According to studies, beetroot juice is said to contain anti-tumor effects. These are known to ward off cancer cells and also prevent the regeneration of new cells. This can be considered as the top benefit of beetroot for cancer.


5. Reduces Blood Pressure:

It contains huge amounts of nitrates that are said to reduce blood pressure. Drinking two glasses of beet juice every day will do the trick.


6. Treats Inflammation:

Being rich in antioxidants, it helps boost immunity and fight against inflammation.


7. Treats Constipation:

Beetroot juice has positive effects on the digestive-related problems and this improves the metabolism of the body. These positive digestive effects help to cure constipation.


8. Treats Iron Deficiency & Anaemia:

Another one of the health benefits of beetroot is that it is very high in iron. It aids in the regeneration of red blood cells and prevents anaemia.


9. Beneficial For The Muscles:

Regular consumption of beetroot helps in strengthening the muscles and also aids with muscle growth.


10. Improves The Skin:

Beetroots are known to be an amazing anti-ageing remedy, as they have incredibly high folate content. This helps in warding off skin issues.


11. Improves Mental State:

Beetroot juice contains betaine and tryptophan, which effectively helps in relaxing the mind and therefore in treating depression.


12. Prevents Birth Defects:

Beet juice is recommended to be consumed in moderate amounts in case of pregnancy, as it is rich in folate and folic acid content, it helps in preventing birth defects.

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Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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