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Check Out Your Tongue, It Reveals These Common Diseases!

Is your tongue normal - the colour or the texture? If not, then please get it checked as the changes in your tongue can reveal about several health diseases that you might be suffering from silently.

Whenever you visit a doctor for any health problem the first thing the doctor will ask you to do is to show your tongue and then they start off. This is one of the most common examinations but most of us take it very lightly and do not even realize how the tongue can be an indication of one's health.

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The tongue, one of the most important vital sense organs, not only helps to identify taste or aids in talking, but also is one of the crucial indicators of certain health problems. Our normal tongue colour is pink and the texture is slightly rough.

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So if one finds any change in the tongue colour and texture then it is better to get it examined before the problem gets worse.

Here are a few health problems that the tongue colour and texture would reveal. Take a look.


1. High Cholesterol & Heart Problem:

If you notice that certain parts of your tongue are turning slightly purple in colour then it might indicate that you are suffering from cholesterol and heart-related problem.


2. Fever & Dehydration:

If you see that the tongue is yellowish in colour and not the normal pinkish colour then this is a sign that the person is suffering from fever, dehydration and breathing problem.


3. Iron Deficiency:

Generally our tongue appears to be slightly rough. But if you feel that your tongue appears to be smooth then you need to get it checked as this happens when the body lacks in nutrition - especially iron and vitamin B.


4. Digestive Problem & Fungal Infection:

If your tongue appears white, then it is a sign that certain bacteria are stuck on your tongue or it is a sign of fungal infection. It also reveals that the person is suffering from digestive problems. One needs to make it a habit to use a tongue scraper to clean the tongue everyday.


5. Vitamin Deficiency:

Sometimes the tongue appears to be red. This indicates that the person is suffering from fever and also there is a lack of vitamin B in the body.


6. Immune Disorder & Stress:

When a person is under extreme stress, the tongue turns dry. Drinking water and taking steps to reduce stress help in getting back the normal texture of the tongue. If the symptom continues for long then it reveals that the person is suffering from a certain immune disorder.


7. Poor Oral Hygiene:

Have you noticed that a few people have black tongue? This is caused due to poor hygiene and also it might be caused due to excess use of tobacco.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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