What's The Best Way To Quit Smoking

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Cigarettes are among the most addictive substances on this planet. In fact, many studies say that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine. That is why many people seem to live on cigarettes.

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And yes, all smokers battle the addiction. They try various ways to get rid of the addiction. But it isn't easy. They try various methods and procedures and still seem to fail to quit. Why is it so?

Is there any method that can guarantee permanent freedom from the monster called cigarette which spoils health and loots all wealth? Well, try quitting cold turkey. Even if anyone says it doesn't work, try cold turkey.

Quitting cold turkey means quitting instantly without waiting for some other day in the future. Instead of gradually quitting something, quitting it instantly may work for some.

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You don't need to set a special date, you don't need to try other alternatives like nicotine patches and gums and you don't have to deal with long periods of withdrawal.

It just takes 3 days of inconvenience but after that, you may experience only mild withdrawal symptoms. Consult a doctor before you attempt to quit cold turkey.


Fact #1

If you quit cold turkey, your body will flush out the remnants of nicotine within the first 72 hours. Though the first 3 days are very tough to endure, you can feel better and happy later if you quit cold turkey.


Fact #2

You don't need to wait till a special day to quit. You can take action immediately if you choose to quit cold turkey.


Fact #3

Never go for another puff. Realise that even one single puff will take another 72 hours to flush out the nicotine.


Fact #4

Addiction needs careful treatment. Realise that nicotine addiction is as good as drug addiction. Cold turkey is the best way to say goodbye to 3000 chemicals which govern your whole system.


Fact #5

Never quit on a working day as your productivity may go for a toss when you quit cold turkey. Choose weekends or consecutive holidays. Quit and relax.


Fact #6

Drink lots of water. When you quit cold turkey, your body works on breaking down the toxins and flushing them out. Every passing hour, the nicotine content in your body will be reducing and will reduce your carvings too.


Fact #7

You may feel tired and depressed during the first couple of days. That is because nicotine calms you down and in its absence your body may find it tough to adjust. Eat a banana and drink some fruit juice. Take a bite of dark chocolate to boost your mood but never take another single puff that enslaves you.


Fact #8

Never rely on nicotine gums or patches if you are quitting cold turkey. Remember that nicotine is nicotine and it is addictive whether you smoke it or take it any other form.


Fact #9

Treat yourself like a non-smoker instead of an ex-smoker. Feel the freedom after quitting smoking. Your teeth will be better and your skin will glow after you quit smoking cold turkey.


Fact #10

Many studies say that the success rate is very high for quitters who try cold turkey. Also, the relapse rate is also high among such quitters. If you can just ensure that you never fall in the trap again, a new chapter will begin in your life!

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