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Symptoms Of Viral Fever In Adults

By: Ajanta Sen

Changes in the lifestyle of human beings has brought about some great challenges. These changes are inevitable, and that is why, no one feels amazed while facing or experiencing these changes.

Quite naturally, this has affected the environment quite drastically, and that has been a matter of serious concern for the entire human community from all over the world.

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Today, humans are suffering from some deadly diseases that our forefathers had never even heard or thought of. Obviously, these diseases are the 'gifts’ to our modern-day lifestyle.

Though medical science has made a phenomenal progress over the last few decades, it has not been successful in finding more concrete remedies for all the diseases.

AIDS, cancer, meningitis, etc, are a few of those diseases that have emerged as a threat against human survival on this earth.

Viral fever is one such disease that has shown its deadly impact on the human life in the recent years. As the name suggests, it is a disease that is caused by viruses. It’s a disease that has some clear symptoms.

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The symptoms of viral fever in adults are very distinctive, as they occur quite frequently, and that is why, people can take preventive measures right from the moment they start feeling these symptoms.

Among the general symptoms of viral fever in adults, the following can be very distinctive, and one can easily notice them, have a look:


Heavy Tiredness/Fatigue:

This is one of the most distinctive symptoms of viral fever in adults. As the viral fever causes some imbalance in the body, so humans start feeling fatigue right from the moment the infection starts showing its colours.


Body Pain:

Due to fatigue and increasing body temperature, people suffering from viral fever start experiencing body pain, especially pain in the muscles of the body. This pain persists and makes the patients to feel uncomfortable.



Obviously, this is one of the most prominent symptoms of viral fever in adults. Initially, the fever is low in temperature, but the temperature starts increasing, as the infection deepens. There are strong chances of fever rising as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a dangerous aspect of viral fever that can turn fatal as well.


Cough And Running Nose:

As the infection causes a strong shivering sensation, the patients suffer from cough and runny nose at times. Patients are suggested to use handkerchiefs and keep themselves restricted to one place, otherwise the infection may spread fast.


Nasal Congestion:

This is a known after-effect of cough and runny nose. It causes a terrible amount of breathing trouble. This requires an immediate medication, otherwise it can lead the lungs to collapse as well. This is one of the most critical symptoms of viral fever in adults that requires an immediate medical attention.



This is a known after-effect of fever and body pain. This causes a great amount of discomfort among the patients. By using medicines, this can be put under control. It is advised not to stress yourself further and take rest to ease the headache, when you have one.


Discomfort In The Eyes:

Most of the people complain of a greater amount of discomfort in the eyes. They suffer from a burning sensation and, sometimes, they also have pain in the eyeballs. The eyes get red, and the burning sensation deepens, if no medicines are applied at the right point of time.


Rashes In The Skin:

As viral fever is caused by viruses, skin rashes are quite common in such cases. In some cases, rashes also have some sort of an irritation associated as well.

These are a few of the general symptoms of viral fever in adults. However, there are still some more symptoms that often register their presence in the human body that suffers from viral fever.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 22, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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