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Surprising Symptoms That Indicate Kidney Failure!

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Imagine your phone or your computer stops working and is beyond repair. You'd feel rather devastated, but you can always buy new ones, right?

Now, imagine the same thing happening to one of your vital organs, well they can never be replaced!

Not to mention, the serious impact organ failure can have on your health. Organ failure can also be fatal, in many cases.

As we know, the kidney is a vital organ in the human body with numerous important functions that keep the system healthy.

The pair of kidneys in the human body are responsible for filtering the blood and removing toxins and waste from the bloodstream to flush them out of the body.

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In addition, kidneys also maintain the fluid balance in the body and regulate the production of electrolytes.

When the kidneys do not function normally, the body's fluid balance is disturbed and toxins get accumulated in the body, making a person feel extremely unhealthy.

Kidney failure can be caused by various reasons like high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, high-salt diet, injury, etc.

So, here is a list of unusual symptoms that may indicate kidney failure, have a look.


1. Oedema

Oedema is a condition in which the the body swells up and weight gain occurs due to fluid retention in the body. Oedema can be a sign of kidney failure.


2. Reduced Urination

If you are urinating lesser than average, for example, just once or twice in a day, then you must definitely have your kidneys checked.


3. Chronic Fatigue

If you are constantly feeling very lethargic, without any apparent reason, it could also be one of the signs of kidney failure.


4. Loss Of Appetite

Many a times, people ignore lack of appetite and constant nausea, as they think they are minor digestive issues. However, they can also be signs of kidney failure.


5. Reduced Brain Function

If you are having trouble thinking clearly, or have memory loss, mood swings, etc, get your kidneys checked, as kidney failure can affect the brain functioning too.


6. High Blood Pressure

If you have suddenly developed hypertension or high blood pressure, it could mean that your kidney is under distress, affecting the blood flow.


7. Palpitations

Kidney failure usually causes a high level of potassium build-up in the body, this may lead to abnormal heart rate and palpitations.

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