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7 Surprising Facts About Painkillers That You Never Knew!

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Many of us, at some point in our lives would have taken painkillers in order to help reduce the extreme pain we were experiencing, right? Well, the question is, are painkillers safe?

Since the advent of modern medicine, human life has changed immensely, there is a pill or some sort of medication available for every small ailment that we suffer from.

Painkillers are also one of the most commonly taken pills, as they can provide a quick, but temporary relief from body pain, by reducing inflammation.

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If you have ever wondered whether painkillers can be taken on a daily basis or you want to know if are painkillers safe, then we will will have you know that painkillers do come with a lot of side-effects.

Taking painkillers on a daily basis can do serious damage to your health. Most varieties of painkillers are infused with certain harmful ingredients that can affect the body negatively.

So, even though painkillers are largely prescribed by doctors, they are not entirely safe. So, what happens when you take painkillers?

Well, listed below are a few surprising facts about painkillers that you never knew about, have a look.


Fact #1

Painkillers are temporary solutions to your pain, as they reduce inflammation and provide temporary relief, so you must take treatment in order to cure your pain-inducing ailment permanently.


Fact #2

Taking painkillers on a daily basis can lead to dependency problems, in which the person may develop an addiction to the painkillers.


Fact #3

Painkillers are not safe to be taken regularly, especially if you or your ancestors have a history of substance abuse problems, as there is a higher chance of developing a dependency.


Fact #4

One of the side-effects that many people do not associate with painkillers is constipation. Painkillers can dehydrate your body, leading to constipation.


Fact #5

It is never safe to mix painkillers and alcohol. You must stop drinking alcohol when you are on painkillers, as it can worsen the side-effects of painkillers and may also affect your central nervous system.


Fact #6

Painkillers are entirely unsafe to take, even if they have crossed just a couple of days past the expiry date, as they contain some strong chemicals which could turn lethal after the expiry date.


Fact #7

You need to monitor your dosage of painkillers, as these medications are extremely harmful for your health and even a slight overdose can have lethal consequences.

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