Do You Know The Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Tea?

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In India, 90 per cent of the population drink tea every morning before breakfast. This habit, do you think is healthy?

Well, recent studies show that drinking tea on an empty stomach is the most unhealthiest habit to follow, especially, in the summer.

Tea contains a small amount of caffeine as well as L-theanine and theophylline that gives one a heightened feeling early in the morning.

Reasons To Drink Black Tea Every Day

Yes, tea can be consumed when the sun rises, but only after you have eaten a morsel. On the other hand, drinking too much of tea is bad for health, as it plays up on the tummy damaging the lining inside the stomach.

Drinking too much of tea without milk is all the more harmful, since the dicoction is stronger and much more powerful when compared to tea with a dash of milk.

7 Awesome Benefits Diabetics Gain From Drinking Tea

Tea also contains sugar, so every time you sip on a cup of tea during the day, you are consuming a whole lot of calories that add to more weight gain.

So, here are a few more reasons why drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning is a bad idea, take a look:


Does Tea Make You Nauseous?

Due to the presence of high alkaline/acid in tea, drinking tea on an empty stomach can upset the stomach juices, therefore, making you feel uneasy and nauseous.


Is Black Tea Safe?

Black tea is tea without milk. Though it is considered to be healthy and good for weight loss, drinking too much of black tea has an effect on the stomach causing it to bloat and feel full.


What Are Milk Tea Side Effects?

Milk tea is a favourite among many. According to sources, drinking too much of milk tea on an empty stomach can cause a feeling of fatigue too. On the other hand, excessive drinking of this beverage leads to tinnitus.


Does Strong Tea Affect You?

Drinking strong tea on an empty stomach is twice as bad as drinking milk tea on an empty tummy. Strong tea has an effect on the lining of the stomach and due to the presence of acids, the tea can also produce ulcers and acid reflux in the stomach.


What Happens When Tea Is Mixed?

Mixing two or more tea flavours to one brand and consuming it in the morning can give you a slightly heightened feeling. Drinking a combination of mixed tea can make you feel drunk, say experts.


Are Tea & Biscuits A Good Combination?

It is important to drink your tea with a few snacks or other healthier foods. Consuming food with the beverage helps to absorb the tea in the stomach. On the other hand, by eating sweet and salty foods along with tea, it can help provide sodium to the body, thus preventing ulcers.


What Is The Worst Tea Habit?

Tea contains tannin, especially the dark-flavoured ones, which have higher levels of tannin and can react to iron in your food. So, avoid drinking tea right after a meal in the afternoon.

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