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7 Surprising Signs Of Brain Tumour You Must Never Ignore!

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There is a popular expression, "silent killer", that is used to describe assassins who kill people before they even realise it, not leaving behind any signs of the crime committed.

Similarly, there are many deadly diseases that take people's lives away, without any signs or warnings.

When we are affected with a viral flu, we experience symptoms such as fever, cold, etc., which is the body's way of telling us that we need to get treated!

Imagine if a flu had no symptoms at all, then we would never realise that the cells of our body are being affected by the virus and we would not get it treated as well, thus worsening the condition further.

Thankfully, many disorders show signs and symptoms in the initial stages itself, making it easier for the patient to seek treatment at the right time, thus preventing further complications.

However, there are many deadly disorders that never show any initial symptoms, so the affected person is never aware of the condition, until it is too late!

Brain tumour is also one such disorder. Have a look at some of the silent signs of brain tumour that you must never ignore, in this article.


1. Constant Headaches

It is rather hard to tell the difference between regular headaches and tumour-induced headaches, even for professionals. So, it is always better to get a scan done in case of constant headaches.


2. Slight Loss Of Vision

This symptom is hardly noticeable by the patients, as the vision loss is very subtle and the victims may associate them with either stress or strain on the eyes.


3. Slurred Speech

As brain tumour affects the frontal lobe of the brain, the patients may tend to experience difficultly in speaking, and their speech may seem slurred and they may also stutter often.


4. Mood Swings

Victims of brain tumour can experience symptoms like depression, aggression, anxiety and an impulsive behaviour due to the changes that take place in the brain by the brain chemicals.


5. Slight Loss Of Hearing

A patient with brain tumour may experience subtle hearing impairment, which may not seem too pronounced initially, so many people tend to ignore this symptom.


6. Infertility

This is one sign that most people never associate with brain tumour. However, brain tumour affects the pituitary gland and it could result in infertility, in both men and women!


7. Loss Of Balance

Brain tumours, which affect the cerebellum, can affect the body's balance, coordination and movements. So, the victim may have trouble in walking, playing a sport, etc.

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Story first published: Monday, August 8, 2016, 11:32 [IST]
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