7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Most of us might have seen these strange-looking, pinkish fruit being sold in the markets - dragon fruit. If any of you have dared to try one of them, you will know that they taste quite good!

It is pretty recently that dragon fruit has made its way into countries like India, so most of us do not know of its nutritional value.

Dragon fruit is very popular in the South-East Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia and other tropical countries around the world as well.

Dragon fruit is also known as the strawberry pear in countries like Cambodia, Thailand and China.

Like most other fruits and vegetables, dragon fruit too is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can improve your health and keep your immune system working stronger than ever.

Dragon fruit is quickly becoming the latest heath fad, thanks to its numerous health benefits.

Today, Boldsky has listed some of the amazing health benefits of dragon fruit, have a look!


1. Aids In Weight Loss

Dragon fruit is low in calories and can be substituted for unhealthy snacks. Also, this super-fruit is known to reduce the cholesterol levels in your body, thereby aiding in weight loss.


2. Improves Heart Health

We already know that dragon fruit decreases the cholesterol levels in the body. Too much cholesterol stored in the blood vessels can lead to heart disorders. So, dragon fruit minimises the chances of cardiovascular diseases.


3. Has Anti-ageing Effects

As dragon fruit is rich in minerals and antioxidants, it can reduce the rate of cell ageing and keep your vital organs and blood vessels healthy for a longer period of time.


4. Helps Treat Diabetes

The high amount of fibre found in the dragon fruit is known to regulate the blood sugar levels, thereby controlling the symptoms of diabetes in the diabetic patients.


5. Reduces Joint Pain

As dragon fruit comes with an anti-inflammatory nature, it is known to improve blood circulation in the affected areas and can also reduce pain and swelling in the joints. Dragon fruit can also treat arthritis.


6. Improves Digestion

The high fibre content in dragon fruit has the ability to detoxify your colon and improve the digestion process. It can also cure conditions like constipation and acidity.


7. Boosts Immunity

Dragon fruit is infused with vitamins C, B and minerals like calcium, iron, etc. So, when consumed on a regular basis, dragon fruit can nourish your body and make your cells stronger, thereby improving your immunity.

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    Story first published: Thursday, June 9, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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