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7 Foods You Must Eat After A Morning Run


Running for a mile or two every morning is a challenge and it is never easy.

Running has a ton of health benefits, in which it helps to build your immunity, strengthens your muscles and bones, etc. Running is also good for the heart, which means the more you run, the better it will be for your health.

Running helps to also increase and improve on your blood circulation, which is why experts state that you should run every morning to keep fit.

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Now, in many cases, people are often confused as to what to consume after a morning run. Therefore, Boldsky shares with you some of the best and most energetic foods that you can enjoy after your morning run.

These foods when consumed after a workout will aid in making you feel better. They will also help to keep your body against harm, which means you will no longer face anymore illnesses.

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On the other hand, when you run, make it a point to breathe in deeply, as inhaling air while you exercise will be beneficial for the lungs too.

So, here are some of the 7 delicious foods, you must eat after a morning run, we would want for you to take a look at:



Salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It also contains antioxidants that provide your body with the required amount of energy. Salmon is also good for the brain, as it helps in cognitive behaviour.



Almonds are not only good for the skin, but are also good for your health. Almonds do contain antioxidants that enable you to build immunity in the body, thus helping you get rid of all those sicknesses and diseases you can be prone to.



Bananas help to build endurance. The yellow fleshy fruit also contains vitamins and minerals, along with carbs, to help boost your energy and make you fit even after a run.



To gain energy with the help of natural foods, oatmeal is simply the best. Consume a bowl of oatmeal on a daily basis to see your energy rise even after a heavy workout.



Vegetables are good for the body. Make sure that after a workout, your plate is filled with coloured vegetables, in which most of it should be green in colour.



Chicken contains selenium that cuts down the risk of arthritis during the later stages of life. Breast chicken is also filled with protein and less calories to help you keep going even after a morning run.



Indulge yourself to a treat. Encourage yourself to eat plenty of fruits this summer, as they will help you to stay hydrated and active. Fruits also contain natural salts that keep your blood pressure level up after a run.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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