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Science Behind Power Naps

Posted By: Staff

With a very busy schedule and too much on our plate, we are not getting enough sleep nowadays. Sleep deprivation is very bad for the health and is giving rise to a number of diseases nowadays.

Diseases like heart problems, fluctuations in sugar levels, high and low blood pressures and thyroid issues have become very common in sleep deprived individuals. This is where power naps can help.

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When you sleep during the day between 1 PM and 4 PM for a period lasting between ten to thirty minutes, it is known as a power nap. If you sleep longer than thirty minutes, you might develop sleep inertia, a groggy feeling. You should also not sleep later than 4 PM as then you will find it difficult to sleep at night.

Science Behind Power Naps

Power naps are a great way to regain energy during the day. It will make you more alert and prevent the onset of sleep inertia. Power naps fill up for sleep deficits and give a boost to our brains. They help in improving our verbal memory, problem solving ability, perceptual learning ability, statistical learning ability and object learning ability.

Science Behind Power Naps

Power naps help with logical reasoning, our reaction times, symbol recognition and maths. It improves our mood and banishes sleeplessness and fatigue. It also stabilizes our blood pressure levels, blood glucose levels and prevents heart diseases. It also helps to manage stress levels and aids in weight management.

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Science Behind Power Naps

Research has shown that power naps have proved to improve memory functions. It is very good for cognitive memory processing. Those who suffer from bouts of forgetfulness must take power naps. It will help them to sharpen their memory.

Science Behind Power Naps

That is the reason why many companies are promoting the concept of power naps. Many companies are providing spaces where people can go and take power naps for a while. They are encouraging and supporting people to take power naps. They are coming up with the right kind of equipment for power naps.

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Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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