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Reasons Why You Should Not Use A Public Toilet

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam

There is absolutely no denying the fact that using a public toilet is hazardous, as it can be a germ-ridden place. Toilet seats are mostly crowded with human bacterial populations.

If the thought of creepy germs in public toilet makes you to writhe, then try to spend as little time as possible; whether it is the restroom in your office or college or restaurants.

Some people are paranoid of venturing into the precincts of the bathroom that some of them try to push open the bathroom door with their elbows rather than allowing their skin (especially hands) to touch it.

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There may be illness-causing bacteria in the public toilet, yet the anxiety that you have created in your mind is slightly done to excess.

However, the truth is, there are plenty of unwanted pathogens found in public restrooms such as hepatitis A, E. coli, Shigella species and Streptococcus.

Apart from some of these bugs, there can also be found certain STD-causing organisms. But, if you are a person who follows certain hygienic measures like washing hands regularly after having visited a toilet, then you can give a knockout wallop to anything that you bump into; and certainly, this can put your irrational fear to rest.

So let's find out about the reasons why you should not use a public toilet.


Spread Of Germs

Your hands are hospitable to bacteria if you visit any public toilet like any other public space. They are always packed with germs.

In spite of toilet seat covers and bathroom cleanliness, there is a possibility of microbes surviving for hours, even after you leave this space. There is no doubt that public restrooms have a negative impact on your health and that's why, you should avoid using public toilets quite often.


Skin Infections

Germs can inhabit on the seat, sink or even the surface that you contact with your hands, such as doorknob, faucet or flush handle or hand dryer. These germs try to linger in the air for about 2 hours.

Some of the bacteria found in toilet seats are Corneform (which cause diptheria and hepatitis), Streptococcaceae (which cause sore throat and bronchial pneumonia), Pseudomondaceae (which cause UTI) and Enteribacteriaceae (which cause kidney infections and shigellosis).

Some of the bathroom surfaces such as flush handles, door latches, faucet handles, towel dispenser handles are consistently dirtier than toilet seats.


Yeast infection

Usually, toilets do harbour yeast populations at the bowls. It is even possible for it to spread to the genitals. And if it happens, then there is a possibility of getting a yeast infection.

This is more predominantly possible in washrooms used by women. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't use a public toilet more often when you venture out. This can affect those especially with a weak immune system.


Sexually Transmitted Infection

Most organisms are fragile and if they stay longer than a few minutes, either they would die or dry out. Our body parts are vulnerable and hence people are likely to get genital herpes from toilet seats.

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that spreads from a skin to skin contact. This kind of a virus can enter your body through the mucous membrane, if there are small tiny tears or scrapes.


Abdominal Cramping Due To E.Coli

E.coli does flourish in public toilets. It is a bacteria that can be found in our intestines if we are exposed to either spoilt food or water.

These faecal-borne bacteria do get attracted to non-porous surfaces, including toilet seats. Moreover, these bacteria can make the person to suffer from terrible abdominal cramping or diarrhoea or vomiting.


Vaginal infections

Vaginal infections cause bacterial vaginosis either from toilet seats, bedding, or swimming pools. These infections affect the vagina through germs. They mostly get transmitted through poor personal hygiene rather than sex.



Vaginitis is a kind of redness and soreness that can be found in the vagina. A person getting it would feel the pain only when the person is affected by the over-use of public toilets.

Hence, these are some of the health reasons why you shouldn't use a public toilet.

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