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Precautions To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

By Super Admin

Research has proved that there is a strong connection between cell phones and cancer. The connection between brain cancer and cell phones is undisputed. Children are specially more vulnerable to this and cell phone radiation has also been linked to serious health problems in kids, including leukemia.

Cell phones have become a part and parcel of our lives and we feel lost without them. However, there are certain things we can keep in mind so that we do not become the victim of diseases caused by cell phone radiation.


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Keep your cell phones as far as possible from your bodies. Use a headset to answer calls or to call someone. Also use a headset when listening to music. Keep the headset as far as possible from your head.

If you are not using a headset, then keep the phone as far as possible from your head while making or receiving calls. Do not press the cell phone at any cost against your head. The closer it is to your head, the more energy it will absorb.


You can also use the speaker phone while talking. This will allow you to keep the phone away from your body. Use a wired land line when you are at home. Only use a cell phone when the signal is strong. Weak signals lead to more radiation.

Keep your cell phone calls short and sweet. The shorter the duration, the less is the exposure to radiation. As much as possible use text SMS to convey your message to the other person. This will allow you to keep the cell phone away from your body and you will be saved from exposure to radiation.

Do not carry the phone in your chest or pant pockets. The radiation from the cell phone can harm your heart or your reproductive organs. Keep children away from cell phones. They are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation.

People with metal implants should keep the cell phone away from their body as much as possible. Also do not talk on the cell phone when you have wet hair as both water and metal are known to be excellent conductors of radio waves.

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