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Nasal Allergy Awareness Week: Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

Do you have a running or clogged nose, or are you suffering from frequent sneezing? What do you generally do in such a circumstance?

You run to a pharmacy and get a nasal drop for an immedite relief, isn't it? Then again after about a few weeks later, you suffer from the same issues.

All these symptoms should not be taken for granted. You need to get it checked with a specialist and get it diagnosed, as these issues may be symptoms of a nasal allergy, which you might be suffering from silently.

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So, what causes this nasal allergy? For some, it might be due to heredity, which they may have adopted from either of their parents.

However, in most cases, it is caused by the allergens such as dust, mites, pollens, etc, that might be hovering around in the surrounding you live in all the time.

With the increasing level of air pollution, the number of nasal allergies too seem to be on an increase.

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If one is suffering from nasal allergy, it affects their day-to-day activities like studies, work, games, recreational activities and sleep as well.

Therefore, on this Nasal Allergy Awareness Week, Boldsky lists out few of the symptoms of nasal allergy that should not be ignored. Take a look.


1. Running Nose:

One of the most common symptoms of nasal allergy is running nose. But considering it to be normal, in most cases, it somehow gets ignored. However, never ignore this.


2. Frequent Sneezing:

For those suffering from nasal allergy, they have frequent sneezing issues, and, at times, it gets very disturbing, especially when one is at the middle of some important work.


3. Itching & Watery Eyes:

When you have nasal allergy your eyes get watery, they also tend to get itchy. These symptoms should be watched out for carefully.


4. Sinus Congestion:

When there is a kind of sinus congestion in the nose, we need to consult a doctor immediately, as this might be one of the major symptoms of nasal allergy.


5. Itchiness In The Mouth:

When your mouth gets itchy, please get it checked at the earliest, as this also might be one of the symptoms of nasal allergy.


6. Difficulty In Sensing A Smell

When you have a problem with the sensation of smell, like you have difficulty in getting the fragrance of a flower or food, then you must get this checked, as this could be a symptom of nasal allergy.


7. Headache & Irritability:

Frequent headache and irritability are yet two other symptoms of nasal allergy. Do get these two symptoms checked as well and get the condition diagnosed at the earliest before it's too late.

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