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Know How Your Migraine Triggers

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Migraines are a serious kind of headache wherein the sufferer might end up suffering from the following conditions: severe nausea or vomiting, strong susceptibility to light, dizziness, and a pounding headache lasting longer than three days.

If one of the parents is predisposed towards getting migraine headaches, you have an increased probability of more than fifty percent of getting it. In other words, you will develop migraines sooner or later in your life.

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reasons for migraine

Migraine pain can vary from moderate to extremely serious. The pain is usually explained as throbbing or pounding and may last from four hours to three days, happening many times per month.

reasons for migraine

Pediatric migraines are often correlated with symptoms like vomiting on a regular basis. Transformed migraines is a combination of a tension headache and a migraine that both adults and kids might experience.

reasons for migraine

There are a number of things that trigger migraine headaches. Strong odours from substances like smoke from tobacco, perfumes and certain smells from food items can trigger a migraine headache. It may also be the result of stress. Everyday worries lead to stress and can trigger migraine attacks.

reasons for migraine

You could trigger a migraine attack if you do not drink enough water. Dehydration causes migraine attacks. A drop in glucose level can also result in a migraine attack. So you should never skip your meals or stay hungry for a long time.

Food additives like aspartame and monosodium glutamate are said to be migraine triggers. These are also not good for your body. So avoid them at any cost. Excessive sleep as well as insufficient sleep, both have been proved to be migraine triggers. So try to get optimum amount of sleep.

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reasons for migraine

Female hormones have also been found to be responsible for migraine headaches. That is why more women have been found to suffer from this condition than men. In certain people, certain food items trigger migraine attacks. Intense physical exercises trigger migraine attacks in some people.

Do not drink too much of caffeine. This can give you a migraine headache. Alcohol and red wine have also been said to trigger migraine attacks. Sometimes weather changes have also been found to cause migraine headaches.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 9, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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