How To Reduce Stress In 6 Simple Steps

By: Tanushree Kulkarni

In today's world, stress is inevitable. We counter stress on a daily basis. If you are looking out for ways on how to reduce stress, then this is what you must read.

Long working hours, hours of getting stuck in the traffic, juggling family as well as work life, challenging office environment, etc., are some of the contributors to stress. Needless to say, stress has many negative effects on our health.

Stress can also lead to conditions such as high BP, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart problems and much more.

Chronic stress isn't good for your physical or mental health. But, fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take that will help in minimising your stress levels drastically. These ways to get rid of stress are quite effective even.

So, here are some steps/ways on how to reduce stress and the tips to deal with it, take a look.

how to reduce stress

1. Managing Your Time Well:
One of the biggest stress-causing factors is being perpetually behind the schedule or having more commitments than you can handle. So, an important point here is to work only on the tasks that are important and discard the rest or delegate it to someone. Also, keep a scheduled time for each of the tasks. It is also important to include some recreation time into your schedule too.

how to reduce stress

2. Eat Right:
Eating right and healthy goes a long way in reducing stress levels. Load your diet with healthy food items that can help in combating stress levels. A healthy diet can help reduce stress. Pack your diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. Include food items such as almonds, banana, milk, etc., in your diet which have stress-fighting compounds in them.

how to reduce stress

3. Get Help:
Tackling a problem all alone can make it even more stressful. If you are having a problem dealing with some issues, then instead of stressing over it alone, it is better to take the help of someone. Taking help from your seniors, colleagues, boss, friends, books or online will help in considerably reducing the stress.

how to reduce stress

4. Excercise:
When in stress, exercise. Yes, we are not kidding. Exercising doesn't necessary mean only sweating it out in the gym or yoga studio. It could be even a short walk around the office or even few stretches. Exercising releases mood-boosting endorphins that immediately lift your mood. A small exercise break even in a stressful situation can help in bringing down the stress levels drastically. Just 20 minutes of walk every day helps in boosting mental health.

how to reduce stress

5. Drink Green Tea:
When in stress, brew yourself a cup of green tea. Yes, it's true. Drinking green tea when you are stressed out can help you de-stress greatly. Green tea contains antioxidants that help in calming your nervous system. Plus, it also contains a lesser amount of caffeine than tea and coffee. So, when you are stressed out, you know what to drink.

how to reduce stress

6.Never Compromise On Sleep:
Believe it or not, but sleeping lesser than 7-8 hours is one of the key factors behind stress. When we are stressed out, and we sleep less, it only adds to the stressful situation. So, instead of losing your sleep over it, take a relaxed 7-8 hours of sleep to bring down your stress levels.

So, these were some of our simple tips to deal with stress. What are yours? Let us know by commenting below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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