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These Ingredients Have Proven To Reduce Belly Fat In One Week

Having a flat stomach is what every women aspires. But the sedentary lifestyle, wrong food habits and lack of exercise are a few of the factors that lead one to accumulate fat around the tummy. This not just makes one look ugly but more than that it is one of the signs that you are leading a unhealthy lifestyle.

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So if you are one among those strugging to get a flat stomach quickly and trying your best to reduce belly fat, then today at Boldsky we bring to you one of the best natural treatments for belly fat reduction.

All that one needs are a few natural ingredients that are commonly available ─ dry ginger, buttermilk, black pepper, ajwain, cumin seeds and rock salt. All these ingredients when combined together and taken do wonders. These help in reducing the belly fat to a considerable amount in just one week and this has been proven.

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The compound called gingerol contained in ginger is one of the well known ingredients that helps in preventing fat accumulation. In addition, buttermilk is yet another ingredient that helps improve digestion and flushes out the fat from the body.

The method to use the ingredients is explained here. Take a look.

1. Dry Ginger Powder: Take a pinch of dry ginger powder.

2. Black Pepper: Take a pinch of black pepper powder.

3. Ajwain: Also known as carom seeds, take a small pinch of ajwain seeds powder

4. Cumin Seeds: Add a pinch of cumin seeds powder.

5. Rock Salt: Take a small piece of rock salt, grind it and then take a small pinch of it.

6. Butter Milk: Take a glass of buttermilk.

7. Mix a pinch of all these ingredients along with the glass of buttermilk.

8. Drink it twice a day. This helps in cutting down the fat from the stomach quickly.

Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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