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How Acidic Foods Affect Your Body

Every food comes with its own nature and some of them can be too much on the acidic side whereas some of them are alkaline. In order to maintain proper pH value in your body, you must maintain proper balance in the foods you consume.

When the internal environment of your body is acidic, a state known as acidosis occurs, which is an unhealthy state. Many disorders worsen in that state and that is when you may need more of alkaline foods.

Acidic foods may worsen headaches, depression, acne, poor digestion, sensitive teeth, dull skin and mood swings. Also, as microorganisms thrive well in such an environment, the risk of infections rises.

Also, when your body is acidic, your mineral levels deplete as they are used to bring a balance in the pH levels. So, acidosis could also lead to sleeplessness, bone loss and many other problems. Read on...


They Weaken Bones

As the calcium in your bones will be used to bring a pH balance in the body, bone loss could occur. So, acidic foods may raise the risk of osteoporosis.



Acidic foods may cause cough, sinus issues, breathing issues, chest pain and fatigue as they cause excess mucus.


They Harm Your Heart

Acidic foods may increase the risk of plaque and thereby cause stroke and heart attack.


Cloudy Mind

Acidic foods may also raise the risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia. They may reduce your clarity of mind.


They Harm The Digestives System

Acidic foods may cause flatulence, indigestion, bad breath, nausea and heartburn too.


They Harm The Liver

Acidic foods harm both your kidneys and liver. They maximise inflammation, cause ulcers and may also lead to cancer.



As acidic foods affect your intestines, your body will fail to absorb the nutrients in your food and this may cause deficiencies.


They Affect Your Skin

Acidic foods also cause rashes, acne and other skin issues.

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