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The Exact Difference Between A Hot And A Cold Shower


Showers are essential to clean your body on a daily basis. But hot or cold? Does the water temperature has any say in the showering experience?

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Yes, of course. Hot showers offer a set of benefits while cold showers have their own set of advantages. Both have their own therapeutic effects.

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After reading this post, you will agree that hot showers are good in the evening whereas cold showers are better in the morning. Read on...


Benefit #1

A cold shower enhances your mood as it stimulates certain hormones that elevate your moods. But a hot shower can wake you up and help you get rid of the sleepy feeling.


Benefit #2

A cold shower makes you alert and enhances your focus. But a hot shower eases a headache and makes you feel relieved.


Benefit #3

Some studies say that cold showers can speed up your metabolism which means your body will be able to manage fat levels well. A hot shower is said to help your body flush out wastes and toxins effortlessly.


Benefit #4

A cold shower makes you feel energetic. On the other hand, a hot shower can reduce fatigue and remove the tiresome feeling after a stressful day.


Benefit #5

If you feel drowsy after waking up, a cold shower can remove it. A hot shower on the other hand, can make you stress-free after a day of work. Hot showers can relax your muscles.


Benefit #6

Cold showers can strengthen your immunity. Hot showers can unblock your sinuses. So, cold showers are good in the morning when you wish to enhance alertness and focus whereas hot showers are good in the evening when you want to de-stress.


Benefit #7

A cold shower makes your skin firm and tight. A hot shower opens the pores on your skin and cleanses it deeply.

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