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Health Symptoms No One Should Ignore

By Super Admin

At some point of time or another, we all have brushed aside certain discomforts that we have felt. We have not given any serious thought to certain ailments thinking that they are not serious.

However, there are certain health symptoms that we should never ignore as they can be the signs of bigger ailments that we are not aware of.

When there is vaginal bleeding even after menopause, there is a cause of concern. It can be due to hormonal imbalance or it might even signal uterian or endometrial cancer. In case of women of every age group, any kind of vaginal discharge that is foul smelling and causes vaginal itching should not be ignored. It can be a sign of cervical cancer or cancer of the fallopian tube.

If you suddenly start losing weight without any reason, be very careful and go and get yourself checked. It could either be due to a hormonal abnormality like hyperthyroidism or it could be due to diabetes. In certain cases, sudden weight loss takes place due to colon cancer.

Sudden increase in frequent urination is a cause of concern. It can be due to diabetes. It can also be due to uterine fibroids pressing against your urinary bladder or some other mass which might be benign or cancerous.

It is normal to have a bloated belly once in a while, specially when your menstruation is due. However, if your belly is constantly bloated without any reason, then you might have ovarian cancer. It is either due to a large mass or fluid build up in the area.

If you feel tired after eight hours of sleep and constantly feel fatigued and are unable to carry on with your day to day activities because of this, then you should get yourself checked. It could indicate anaemia, depression, mood disorders or even hypothyroidism.

Hence, if you come across any of the above-mentioned health symptoms, please do not ignore them. Go to your doctor and get yourself checked immediately.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 23:02 [IST]
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