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Health Issues That Occur Due To Very Less Sleep

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Today there are actually millions of people who are coping with sleeplessness, and coping with a sleep disorder like sleeplessness can ruin your standard of living. What happens when you do not sleep for days?

You find yourself feeling tired, grumpy and discouraged all day long, and you spend the nights wishing that you might get a great night's sleep.

Many individuals end up turning to sleeping pills. Some become dependent on the pills, others wind up with even more sleep related issues, while others deal with nasty adverse effects from the drugs.

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side effects of sleeping less

So, what happens when you do not sleep for days? Lack of sleep causes accidents. Research has proved that there have been a number of incidents in which people have ended up getting injured in their work places or at home if they have not slept well.

side effects of sleeping less

Lack of sleep impairs your thinking power. It affects your thinking, problem solving ability, alertness and reasoning abilities. When you do not sleep enough, you can end up affecting your memory. You will find it difficult to remember things.

Lack of sleep can cause a number of health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, heart attacks and stroke. Lack of sleep has resulted in deaths of people from heart diseases.

side effects of sleeping less

Research has proved that people who suffer from lack of sleep are the ones who are more prone to suffer from anxiety and depression.

People who do not get at least seven hours of sleep everyday have been found to age faster. They become victims of puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

side effects of sleeping less

If you have not slept for days, there are chances that you have put on a lot of weight. Lack of sleep leads to an increase in hunger and appetite. People who do not sleep enough are found to eat more than is required. In the process, they end up increasing their weight.

side effects of sleeping less

So, if you are suffering from lack of sleep, get yourself treated immediately so that you do not end up suffering from the above-mentioned adverse health effects.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 10, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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