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Health Benefits of Marijuana

Posted By: Staff

With every passing day, it is becoming difficult to deny the advantages of medical marijuana or cannabis. Ask anyone who has taken it to get relief from pain associated with diseases like cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease, among others, and they are going to tell you how it has altered their lives.

Smoking or consuming this natural herb has relieved them from pain and made many people free from stress. Compared to this natural herb, other prescription drugs do not match up as these drugs come with certain side effects such as liver damage, if used for a long time. On the other hand, research shows that medical marijuana does not cause any harm with long term use.

health benefits of marijuana

Medical cannabis not only benefits those who are suffering from debilitating illnesses, but also has been found to relieve the sufferings caused by arthritis. It also provides relief from persistent pain and nausea. Currently, there have been reports about how medical cannabis has had a positive effect on depression along with other illnesses associated with nervousness.

health benefits of marijuana

A lot of women have reported that when cannabis was used to treat menstrual cramps, they got immense relief. Menopausal women have also discovered great success in using cannabis to combat hot flashes, mood swings, and chills.

health benefits of marijuana

However, medical marijuana should be used only after consulting a doctor. The correct dosage should be ascertained by the doctor or it can prove to be fatal. Like every other beneficial drug, cannabis can be abused. But just because of that, it should not be branded as a dangerous drug.

health benefits of marijuana

Medical marijuana is an alternative medicine just like chiropractic medicine. It is a natural way of healing the body. Just as herbs like cohosh or ginseng are used to heal and manage pain in the body, it is the same case with medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is a natural herb, which is neither processed or refined or chemically treated unlike other prescription drugs.

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